We have brought you the Genshin Impact Gorou guide with some of the best tips and tricks. From our guide, you’ll learn everything about Gorou. 

In Inazuma, Gorou led the fight against the vision decree. Gorou is the General of the Watatsumi Army. Both he and Kokomi led the army to victory in seemingly impossible circumstances. Gorou, like the rest of the island’s population, is a staunch supporter of Sangonomiya Kokomi. Kokomi believes in him as the major commander of the Watatsumi Army because he is bold, truthful, and dedicated.

The soldier under his direction has a great feeling of camaraderie and gets along well with all of his subordinates, who also consult with him if any problems emerge, even new recruits. Kazuha describes Gorou as someone who expresses what he thinks without regard for the sentiments of others.

Genshin Impact Gorou
Gorou (YouTube)

Young Gorou has fair skin and light orange-brown hair with teal blue eyes. Like Diona, he belongs to a race of humans with animal-like physical characteristics. White highlights are visible on the front of his hair, ears, and tail. He has erect pointy ears and a bushy tail of the same color. Gourou was born on 18 May and his estimated age is around 18-22. Gourou’s height is around 5’3″. In our Genshin Impact Gorou guide, we have covered everything that you need to know about Gorou.

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Genshin Impact Gorou Guide: Favonius Warbow

The strength of Gorou lies in his Elemental skills. Therefore, unless you’re in the privileged position of having a spare Elegy for the End, it is not recommended to equip him with a 5* weapon. Favonius Warbow gives Gorou greater effects than the rarer weapons anyway, so it’s actually better than any other weapon. This bow’s crits are more likely to generate elemental orbs that restore Gorou’s energy faster and enable him to recharge his superior Elemental Burst with faster speed.

Genshin Impact Gorou Guide: Sacrificial Bow

A sturdy Sacrificial Bow has a small chance of ending the cooldown of Gorou’s Elemental Skill when he damages an enemy with it. However, it cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds and isn’t as likely as triggering the elemental effect of the Favonius Warbow. As a result, this weapon should only be chosen if you don’t have a Warbow to give to Gorou or if you are extremely fond of his abilities.

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Gorou’s All-Round Defense is the best

Gorou's all-round defense
Gorou’s all-round defense (YouTube)

It is extremely advised to disregard Gorou’s relatively weak Bow strikes in order to leverage his elemental abilities. If the squad is mostly composed of other Geo characters, putting him in a role as a supporting character should be a priority.

Due to his General’s War Banner effect, he obtains significantly increased DEF when he is in a group with at least two other Geo users. For Gorou, only one General’s War Banner can be deployed at a time. After a party member departs the field, the active bonus will stay for 2 seconds.

Genshin Impact Gorou Guide: Forward Unto Victory

In a show of his bravery, Gorou deals with DMG Aoe Geo and turns the General’s Glory field into a battlefield to embolden his men. The General’s Glory field provides buffs to active characters within the skill’s AoE according to the number of Geo characters in your party, much like the General’s War Banner created by Inazuka All-Round Defense. Your active character also moves with it. 

Each 1.5s, the skill generates 1 Crystal Collapse that deals Geo DMG to 1 opponent within its area of effect. Your active character’s position receives 1 elemental shard every 1.5s in the skill’s AoE.

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Genshin Impact Gorou Guide: Best Constellations

Gorou's Constellations
Gorou’s Constellations (YouTube)

Rushing Hound: Swift as the Wind – As long as characters in the Area of Effect of Gorou’s General’s War Banner or General’s Glory deal Geo DMG to opponents, Gorou’s Inuzaka All-Round Defense CD is decreased by 2 seconds. Once every 10 seconds, this effect occurs.

Valiant Hound: Mountainous Fealty – C6 is the most important constellation for Gorou to increase the damage potential of the entire team. Having the constellation unlocks higher damage numbers, but it is not necessary for him to be top-tier support. In C4, Gorou is able to heal and with shields in Geo, even a little healing ability means players don’t need to have a healer on their team and can concentrate on supporting or damaging characters.

Gorou’s special dish

The dish Victorious Legend is Gorou’s specialty. To form a vague moving image of Gorou’s own motivations, the side dishes have been piled high. Your stomach is full of satisfaction and you look up to see Gorou smiling radiantly as his tail wags from side to side as you finish eating the noodles and soup.

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Use Gorou with Geo

The main focus of Gorou’s kit revolves around off-field abilities, making him a Support. In addition to passively supporting other geo characters, Gorou is a good partner. The low attack scaling of his normal attacks makes him extremely difficult to use as the primary DPS. As a power bank for the main DPS character and sub-DPS characters, he is a great pick for Geo teams.

Materials required for a talent upgrade

  • 38x Philosophies of Light
  • 31x Spectral Nucleus
  • 22x Spectral Heart
  • 21x Guide to Light
  • 6x Spectral Husk
  • 6x Molten Moment
  • 3x Teachings of Light
  • 1x Crown of Insight
  • 1,652,500x Mora

Best team for Gorou

Selecting a team for Gorou in Genshin Impact
Selecting a team for Gorou (YouTube)

The off-field support Gorou, whose buffs increase both DEF and Geo Damage, is best utilized by Geo teams. Geo resonance is also granted by having two or more Geo characters, which increases shield strength, decreases enemies’ Geo resistance, and increases damage. Noelle, Itto, and Albedo work exceptionally well together. 

Although they have the main character Geo as a better choice, he can be paired with Zhongli and Ningguang. In addition, it is possible to create teams consisting of Gorou by combining geo characters with characters that are able to do reactions and those that have off-field support abilities.

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Elegy for the End is the best weapon

The character Gorou is very energy-hungry since his burst consumes 80 energy. Furthermore, Gorou is unable to generate more than 2 energy orbs, resulting in his energy woes being amplified. This makes equipping a weapon with an energy recharge secondary stat extremely important. Five-star game Elegy for the End is the best choice for recharging your energy and mastering the elements.

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