Are you going to start playing Risk of Rain 2? Read our Risk of Rain 2 guide for all the things that you should know about the game.

Risk of Rain 2 follows the same concept as the original game, with players progressing through a number of stages while destroying adversaries. Players must discover a teleporter, which is randomly placed on each level, and activate it; once activated, they must battle their way through an assault of aliens, including monsters, until the teleporter is completely functioning. You gain experience and currency when you kill aliens, and currency can be used as a key to open chests that have random items inside. 

The items provide a variety of benefits to players who carry them, from synergistic effects to the possibility of stacking their benefits if more than one copy of the item is acquired. Aliens increase in strength, difficulty, and number every few minutes, which makes the game more difficult with every successive level played. Below is our Risk of Rain 2 guide with all the things that you should know.

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Risk of Rain 2 Guide: Items

White, green, yellow, and red items either enhance your character’s abilities or increase their behavior in some way, such as their speed, life regeneration, etc. Items of the blue color, however, usually cost money. Base damage increases by 100% but maximum health drops by 50%. Some combinations could prove fatal. You can expect chaos from the skies every couple of seconds if you or your teammates have the Glowing Meteorite and Gesture of the Drowned. 

Risk of Rain 2 Guide: Turrets

Combat Gameplay (Gearbox)

In every game, there is a temptation to cash in chests instead of turrets, but turrets can be extremely useful. They come in different types as well; some heal while others shoot at anything they see, and the best part is that they accompany you throughout every level. They can serve as solid support for the group, especially in numbers, whether you’re playing alone or with friends.

Huntress Character

In the hands of a skilled player, Huntress can also be quite mobile, as she specializes in damage. The best thing about her is that she can sprint while attacking, which no other class can do.

While sprinting, your main attack can be launched. If you need to reposition or gain an edge on your enemy, this is invaluable. During Phase Blink, you can even teleport without stopping your sprint to further enhance this playstyle. Keep sprinting with Huntress and you can achieve some nice long runs.

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Proc coefficient

A percentage of your attacks or skills will activate most items in Risk of Rain 2. The proc coefficient determines whether an attack is in fact equal to another. Proc coefficients are the variables that determine how often an effect will occur for each skill and on-hit item.

Loot and rewards

Boss fight Gameplay (Gearbox)

When you activate the teleporter, you will fight a boss in every level, and once you pick up its loot and defeat the enemies, you will be able to stick around before moving on. This is a great opportunity to use the newly earned money if you did not have time to look for all the chests or if you just want to use it. It is important to keep track of the game’s difficulty, as it will never stop increasing as time goes on. 

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Commando character

In Risk of Rain 2, mobility is essential for every character, but Commando is likely to be the easiest. As a utility character, he is able to stay out of trouble quickly. For evading attacks and navigating the map, he can use the Tactical Dive and Tactical Slide. To avoid projectile attacks, players should use these skills as soon as they see one approaching. 

In order to prevent fall damage while traversing, you can use your utility right before touching the ground. Additionally, your speed will be greatly increased when you use your ability on a sloped surface.

What happens in the metagame?

Gameplay (Gearbox)

In the metagame, by completing certain in-game achievements, players gain access to new characters, items, and game modifiers. The new characters or modifiers (called survivors) are available as soon as they have been unlocked. You may also start seeing them randomly in game once they have been unlocked.

Passive Items

Passive items are displayed in the top bar in-game and provide specific benefits to the player as long as they are in their inventory. If they remove it from their inventory, they will no longer be afflicted by its effects.

Passive items can be found in a wide variety of types, and a player may hold as many passive items as she likes. When a player has multiple copies of a specific item, they stack its effects in an unusual way rather than affecting them individually.

Risk of Rain 2 Guide: 3D Printers

Gameplay (Gearbox)

3D Printers are really something you should start paying attention to when you begin to learn what items are best suited for each character. With these printers, you can always have one specific item displayed on the top. A random item of the same rarity is “recycled” at random from the item you’re carrying. 

When you see an item of a green rarity, it will consume a green item of yours at random, depending on how many items of that category you have. There is no shortage of items in this game, so you should take time to enhance one aspect of your character before moving on to another.

Do not ignore the Scrappers

Now that the full release has been released, there are things called Scrappers. You can select any of your items and scrap them using this interactive. This scrap can then be traded for a 3D Printer later on. You lose the item while you’re waiting, but that gives you the chance to protect the items you want to keep and not lose them to the cruel god of RNG. 

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