Have difficulty in Clash of Clans’ newest battle? Do not worry, we have a guide that will tell you how to beat Galadons Golem Gauntlet.

The game “Clash of Clans” was created by Supercell. Make your own army and guide your clan to victory! From rage-filled Barbarians with extravagant mustaches to pyromaniac Wizards, there’s something for everyone! Battle against millions of other players from all around the world, form a powerful clan to crush your opponents and protect your village against raids. 

The newest battle is here, and if you are facing difficulties in how to beat Galadons Golem Gauntlet, then do not worry. Read our guide carefully and put those three stars in your pocket.

Galadons Golem Gauntlet gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Galadons Golem Gauntlet: Team

You can have a different type of army with you as this battle is not so very hard as it seems. You can go with three super wizards, three golems, five bowlers, four super bowlers, five headhunters. Furthermore, you can also have a stone slammer, bowlers, a couple of spells like rages, freezes, poison, and skeleton spells. 

How to Beat Galadons Golem Gauntlet: Part one

To avoid confusion, we have broken this combat into two sections. Begin at the base of the three eagle artilleries by picking a super wizard and placing it on the lowest rock of the eagle tillers. Then you’ll choose your headhunters. You’re going to send three headhunters to retrieve all of the tornado traps and teslas. Now you’ll simply let the super wizard work for a few seconds; it’ll take a little while, but that’s alright.

starting the battle from one side
Start from this corner (YouTube)

You must be patient and allow them to do their job. They’ll be able to get all three eagles out and deal some damage to the Teslas. Now, if Super Wizard gets through that second eagle, he’ll be knocked down, but we want him to get this all down before we launch the remaining of our invasion, which will move rapidly, so try to keep up.

Triangle strategy

triangle shape strategy
Drop your troops from these three sides in a triangle shape (YouTube)

So, while he’s working, you can go ahead and choose a golem since he’ll be your next unit down and he’ll get through straight away. This attack should be in the shape of a triangle. So make a golem with two bowlers on one side. 

Go with a golem and two bowlers on the other, then two super wizards from the top with one head hunter and the last golem. On one side, you can utilize a bowler and four super bowlers, as well as the king, queen, and warden. You are making your way around the corners in this manner. 

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How to Beat Galadons Golem Gauntlet: Part two

It’s time for some spells. Go ahead and dump in your first rage spell in the center of the stage, and then simply start freezing. After that, poison the clan castle troops as they emerge, then use rage again. Use freeze once more to ensure that everything works properly.

Now is the moment to use our king’s ability as you work towards the town hall, and again, just keep everything frozen and heading towards the town hall, and after that town hall is destroyed, activate your warden’s ability. Hit the right with your stone slammer.

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Add the last Freeze

use spells in Galadons Golem Gauntlet
Use spells (YouTube)

Let’s go ahead and add the last freeze. To assist out a bit, poison the kings. Go in with your royal champion from where you began your initial attack, and then cast a skeleton spell straight through there. The champion will be accompanied by the last headhunter to assist with this. Work your way all the way to the end of the base. 

You’ve got your queen, warden, and royal champion all set up and ready to start. Get through the last few defenses, do some damage to the scattershot, and then use the last viz to take out the scattershot, and you’ll have defeated Galadon’s Golem Gauntlet.

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