Facing difficulties on how to beat Moongrum Carian Knight in Elden Ring? Do not worry, we have a guide to help you win this battle.

In Elden Ring, Moongrum Carian Knight is a humanoid enemy. In addition to wielding melee weapons, Moongrum is able to use sorcery. He wears the armor of a Carian Knight. Raya Lucaria Academy’s Grand Library is guarded by Moongrum the Carian Knight, who is the last line of defense against intruders seeking to destroy the institute’s head sorcerer. 

As players enter the Grand Library and face Rennala, they must face an NPC guardian: Moongrum, Carian Knight. Moongrum is also capable of using two weapons, a shield, sorcery, and a flask to heal his health just like you. You can truly call him Raya Lucaria’s true warrior. Here is our guide that will teach you how to beat Moongrum Carian Knight in Elden Ring.

combat with Moongrum Carian Knight
Combat gameplay (YouTube)
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Watch out for these moves

  • Sword Stab: Moongrum is armed with two types of weaponry. One is a sword and shield, and the other is a staff. While he normally attacks with the sword, he can punish you for taking too long to heal with a dashing pierce attack. He deals medium damage but is difficult to avoid.
  • Carian Piercer: A gigantic greatsword called the Carian Piercer is summoned by Moongrum, which thrusts forward, breaking through a wall. The sword is hard to block but can deal high damage.
  • Glintblade Phalanx: The player will sometimes be struck by three Glintblade Phalanxes that travel towards them after a short time. Although low damage, if Moongrum hits you he will surely rush in to take advantage of your stunning state.
  • Parry/Riposte: Moongrum is capable of parrying almost any attack made against him and following that up with a critical strike that will almost certainly cause death without high Vigor. Unless you use moves that cannot be parried, such as Colossal Weapon, Flails, Jumping Attacks, and Ranged, there is no way to avoid this.
  • Jumping Attack: In some instances, Moongrum will leap upward and use Jumping Attacks against you. Easily dodged, but has the potential to be punished if an attack is landed before he lands.
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How to beat Moongrum Carian Knight 

As long as he gets the status affliction early on, Mohngrum is vulnerable to Poison and Scarlet Rot damage. By dealing with both poison and scarlet rot damage to his HP, you can see it decrease rapidly. Even though he can be stunned, it is hard to hit him reliably, since he can parry so well.

Being a Sorcerer himself, Moongrum is a little resistant to Magic damage, but he has no other notable resistances and the damage reduction isn’t that great. This fight is easy for sorcerers who stay at a range and cast spells repeatedly, even if they deal far less damage than other NPCs.

There’s a massive ramp right outside the entrance to Moongrum’s combat arena that a boulder slides down at regular intervals. Moongrum can be lured out here so that the boulder falls on him. This doesn’t cause much damage, but it’s a dependable approach to gradually deplete his HP without having to come too near.

Boulder coming down
Boulder coming down (YouTube)

Players have also figured out that Jumping Attacks cannot be parried, so if you play Melee, use a Talisman like the Claw and take down your opponents. The lift that leads to Rennala is behind Moongrum; if you raise the lift and lure Moongrum into the room, there is a great chance that he will drop into the pit by accident. You will have to get past Moongrum to make this move, but it’s arguably the easiest way to take out the Carian Knight.

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Some extra tips to beat Moongrum Carian Knight

Combat with Moongrum Carian Knight
Combat gameplay (YouTube)

The boulder will come down and if you stay just in front of it, you’ll be able to get a decent amount of ranged hits in. From his left, you can cast spells and cast arrows or go down a short flight of stairs. He has trouble getting up these stairs when aggroed because a wall appears to block his path. If you want to avoid getting hit by his gap-closing abilities, you should be careful not to run into Carian Piercer.

Moongrum is so adept at parrying attacks that it’s virtually guaranteed that he’ll use it a few times in a fight. Using Jumping Attacks and weapons that aren’t parried, such as the Flail, will help you avoid this. He can also be parried, but he gets up quickly after taking a Critical Hit, so you’re likely to be parried immediately.

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Rewards after you beat beat Moongrum Carian Knight
Rewards (YouTube)

When you defeat Moongrum, Carian Knight, you have access to several items in addition to the Grand Library elevator. The elevator has no time limit, however, it is easier to complete the voyage if Moongrum is removed beforehand. You also obtain the Carian Knight’s Shield in addition to 3000 Runes and the Rennala fight.

This shield scales with Str and Int, making it one of the few shields capable of reducing physical damage by 100%. There are various ways to alter the No Skill Ash of War. A shield of this weight is well suited for sorcerers with low Equip Load. However, several other Elden Ring shields with similar stats weigh as little as 3.5, which excel in this area.

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