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On September 28, 2021, Amazon Games Orange County released New World, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). You will have to have your wits about you and be able to handle yourself when taking on other players. 

There are 5 groups for players to choose from, 3 factions, node resources, crafting items, controlling settlements, questing, exploring the world, or fighting other players or monsters. In New World, war plays a huge role in the game’s endgame content. Large, 50v50 matchups are fought across the map as either offensive or defensive battles.

New World PvP War Guide: Starting a War

You must have completed enough PvP missions to put the area into a conflict state before declaring war. These PvP objectives are a grind to complete. One of the objectives in Cutlass Keys, for example, demands you to sprint the whole length of the region and return.

During these tasks, you must be PvP marked. Running as a huge zerg is a fantastic idea. If you die, you will lose Influence points and the PvP mission will be terminated immediately. Players contribute to the total conflict influence by completing PvP missions. A Company can declare war if it lands 100 percent in enemy territory.

In PvP, the Company with the most completed PvP missions will be deemed the “Vanguard,” which means that they will choose who will go to battle.

New World PvP War Guide
New World PvP War (Image credit: Amazon Games)

As a result, there are certain issues: the largest corporations frequently control the declaration of war for crucial regions. Many players may be unable to participate in these battles. Any Company, on the other hand, can declare on any region and choose who fights.

On the conflict territory’s war board, you can sign up for a war. This does not ensure a place in the war, but it does put you on the war leader’s or Vanguard company’s list for selection. Upon selection, a pop-up notification will appear, and you will be placed into a group with other players.

New World PvP War Guide: Faction wars

New World PvP War Guide
New World PvP War (Image credit: Amazon Games)

In addition to open-world PvP, you may participate in Sieges by joining up at a settlement’s War Board. This is something you can do as soon as you join a faction, however you won’t be assured a spot in the combat.

When a group attempts to seize control of a province by overthrowing the current ruler, sieges occur. Once you’ve accomplished enough faction tasks in the territory you intend to take over, any opposing faction’s company (guild) can declare war.

You will not be able to participate in the siege if your company is large enough to offer all of the fighters. Smaller companies, on the other hand, may seek outside assistance, therefore it’s worth joining up on War Boards if you’re interested. If you’ve been chosen to fight, you’ll receive a message and be transferred to the battleground when it begins.

New World PvP War Guide: Output Rush

New World PvP War Guide
New World PvP War (Image credit: Amazon Games)

Outpost Rush is available after you reach level 60. A 20 vs. 20 instanced combat will take place on Nauthynos Island. To win this game, you’ll need to strike a balance between accumulating resources, seizing objectives, and defeating your opponents. Outpost Rush can be queued by conversing with an NPC in a settlement. 

You can join as a solitary player or as part of a group of up to five other players, and you’ll be transported to the island once the requisite number is met. Points are awarded for defending outposts and killing players, and the first team to reach 1000 points wins the match. Outpost Rush provides a variety of things, including uncommon drops of unusual armor and weaponry.

New World PvP War Guide: Consumables are important

Consumables, as well as healing, mana, and rejuvenation potions, are essential and don’t forget your trip rations. These quickly refill a specific amount of health and then continue to heal a minor quantity over the course of 20 minutes. While they will not prevent you from dying if someone is whaling on you, the initial impact will end after you take damage. If you can keep the opponent player in sight for a few seconds behind a structure or wall, it may make all the difference.

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Tips to remember

Tips to remember
New World PvP War (Image credit: Amazon Games)
  • Go prone to hide — the adversary won’t be able to see the PvP flag over your head if you’re prone. This may be utilized to set up ambushes in PvP in the open world, which is a fantastic sensation till it happens to you.
  • Your character will automatically pause for a time after dodge rolling (needs light armor), however, you may interrupt this animation by holstering or changing your weapon, or using an ability. This implies your momentum will not be disrupted. You can chain three dodge rolls in a row if you wait until you reach 50 stamina before rolling a second time.
  • You can escape the Great Axe’s gravity well if you have a mobility skill, but you can’t escape it with a dodge. If you become stuck in the well, remember that you can stop a single enemy’s assault.
  • You may also cancel your attack animation by switching weapons or utilizing a skill, and your skill animation can be canceled by switching weapons.

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