We have brought you the Centipede Recharged guide with some of the best tips and tricks. Follow the guide and smash those enemies.

Featuring vibrant visuals designed for modern screens, Centipede: Recharged was redesigned for modern gameplay. There is a 16:9 field of play, and an original soundtrack composed by Megan McDuffee, award-winning video game composer.

The old-school arcade mode rewards you with bragging rights by placing your name at the top of the leaderboard. Challenge yourself to an intensely creative challenge to prove your skill and rank on the board, which twists the gameplay into new and exciting directions.

Centipede Recharged poster
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What is the game about?

The heart-pounding original score by Megan McDuffee accompanies you as you blast bugs and chase high scores in this glorious revival of an old-school classic. Take on 30 unique challenges alone or with a friend for local co-op or play endlessly in arcade mode.

Centipede Recharged Guide: Space

Your death is likely to be caused by insufficient playing space. Avoid mushrooms as much as possible. Spiders can spawn anytime and you may not have enough time to react and dodge them. It is not advisable to sit at the extreme right or left of the screen. 

Centipede Recharged Guide: Mushrooms 

Centipede Recharged single and coop mode
Modes in the game (Atari)

Mushrooms are scattered throughout the level, and they can be destroyed by shooting them. In the right hands, you can use these things to manipulate the centipede’s path. That way, it will flow along a shorter path, making its destruction easier. Just as with old-school gaming, mastering this skill requires a lot of practice. 

There is no experience point system. Improvement comes from playing. Other enemies include fleas that drop from the top of the screen and lay more mushrooms. While trying to avoid centipedes and other enemies, do not move around mushrooms. Dodging them becomes increasingly difficult.

Centipede Recharged Guide: Power-ups

Players can acquire temporary weapon power-ups by destroying spiders on the ground. These can be useful when you need assistance, but they also keep the game interesting. To make an area explode, you can shoot rapid-fire rounds and detonate explosives. There is a ghost powerup in this game that causes the centipede to flee for shelter, allowing you to catch your breath.

Predict the enemies

Predict the enemies to defeat them
Bunch of enemies (Atari)

If you notice a bunch of enemies approaching, don’t be terrified. Because they typically go in straight lines, it’s easy to predict them until they reach a mushroom. Centipedes travel in a snaking style, whereas super centipedes and fleas crawl vertically downward.

Immersive mode

You have the option of immersive mode, which zooms in on you so that you can’t see everything on the screen. While it helps you dodge centipedes, it makes it harder to plan ahead and see important things outside your field of vision.

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Combat Tips

Rapidfire is good for destroying straight lines of objects. The later in the game you play, the better the bombs are because they can take out dangerous areas if they are overrun by mushrooms or centipedes. Using spread, burst and explosion, you can destroy large areas of mushrooms at once, and kill large centipedes all at once. You can reach the poison mushrooms by using the mirror. It is possible to be killed by orbiting bullets if you aren’t careful when you are dealing with long centipedes.

Kill these first

There are a variety of enemies
Different enemies (Atari)

Keeping poison mushrooms and scorpions away from you should be your top priority. Those mushrooms near the bottom of the screen should be your second priority. Next, you should kill the mushrooms in the upper part of the screen, and then the centipedes.

Who gives the most kill points?

The following order will show you the highest kill points you will get after killing:

  • Scorpions
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Poison mushrooms
  • Regular mushrooms

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