How to get Nokron Elden Ring – Guide

We have brought you a guide on how to get Nokron Elden Ring. Follow the guide, and you will learn to reach Nokron easily.

Many dungeons can be found in the Lands Between, but none is as impressive as Nokron, the Eternal City. There are many hidden areas, illusory walls, and other hidden secrets in Elden Ring like in other games in the series. But this is no ordinary unlockable room. You can only reach this entire portion of the map by doing a few very optional actions.

Among Ranni’s Black Knife side-quests, Nokron is an important location to learn more about, which you will find in the links below. The Ranni side quest does not require you to complete any steps for Nokron to be unlocked. In spite of her quest chain, you’ll still have the chance to explore the underground world of Nokron, a fascinating city with a second boss fight against the Ancestor Spirit.

How to get Nokron Elden Ring by defeating the boss
Cutscene after defeating Radahn (YouTube)
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How to get Nokron Elden Ring

The Siofre River region includes Nokron, a hidden section. You can see Nokron in the distance if you enter the Siofre River through the well in the Mistwood, although you won’t be able to reach it from the underground. 

The southern coast of Caelid contains Redmane Castle, which is the key to unlocking Nokron. The fortress is accessible from the outside through a portal. Inside, you have the option of battling Starscourge Radahn, a Shardbearer. There are multiple AI partners available or working together with many other players can defeat this Raid Boss.

A comet crashes into the field south of Mistwood after Radahn is defeated, causing a giant hole to appear. Nokron can be entered by dropping down into this massive hole in Vimgrave. The hardest part is defeating Radahn; you can only proceed to Nokron after defeating him. 

How to beat Radahn: Phase one

fighting Radahn
Radahn fight gameplay (YouTube)

It is advised that you fight the combat on horseback since you must cover a large region. This boss encounter, like many others, is divided into two sections, so be ready for it. Radahn will hurl black darts at you twice at the start of the encounter. When that happens, you’ll have to keep hidden and use the woodblocks you discover on the battlefield to your advantage. As soon as you change the cover, summon all of the NPCs you can, as they will fight with you and be quite useful.

Ensure they’re always nearby, and summon them again as soon as possible if they die. By distracting the boss, striking him hard, and healing you, they can leave you unharmed. When you move from cover to cover, keep moving eastward until you reach Radahn. When you hop onto Torrent to move faster after the second barrage of dark darts he throws at you, it makes a significant difference.

Phase two

For a few seconds, Radahn will disappear from the screen and then shoot into the ground. In this case, you don’t need to change your strategy. Whenever the boss throws an energy blast to the ground, jump over it. You won’t miss those very annoying energy balls he’ll hurl at you if you don’t stay too far from him. The balls are very damaging. Whenever you can, summon fighters and strike them. Keeping your distance and not rushing the fight is the key, as he will use his best attacks on your summons instead of you.

You will get the greater rune after defeating Radahn, allowing you to continue the story. As a reward, you will also receive 70,000 runes, which can be quite useful in a number of ways. 

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Things to keep in mind to get Nokron Elden Ring

Nokron Elden Ring
Nokron Gameplay (YouTube)

Naturally, Nokron Eternal City will not display on your global map. However, if you travel quickly to Fort Haight West in Mistwood’s southern section, you can find the route. It’s not far from where you first met Blaidd in the Mistwood Ruins.

Looking around, you’ll notice that the soil has been ripped apart by the meteor’s impact, and floating rocks float in mid-air. Examine the area beneath you for ledges that will bring you underneath. Since you still need to find a campfire, go cautiously across ledges and collapsed structures. The first enemies you’ll face are Black Slimes, who are rather easy to fight.

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