Do you love spiders? Take control of one in this fantastic game. Read our Black Widow Recharged guide to know everything about it.

The cult classic twin-stick shooter featuring an arachnid cast returns! With vibrant visuals and powerful new abilities, Black Widow: Recharged has been reimagined just in time for Halloween with an original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee.

This classic twin-stick shooter was developed by Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox and published by Atari. This arcade staple focuses on fast-paced gameplay and moreish action. Game mechanics are unforgiving and the challenge mode is difficult. Even the most pro players will be tested. Here is our Black Widow Recharged guide that will tell you everything that you should know.

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What is the game actually about?

In this frenetic remake of the cult classic twin-stick shooter, you must protect your spider web from a relentless onslaught of bugs. In addition to all this, Megan McDuffee’s original score provides an infectious soundtrack. You can either play alone or with a friend in local co-op across 30 unique challenges or endless arcade modes.

Black Widow Recharged Guide: Play with your friends

Black Widow Recharged gameplay
Gameplay (Atari)

The game supports local co-op play with a friend in all modes and levels. Use ARKit and ARCore, iOS and Android apps, to blast missiles from your living room, outside, and anywhere else you desire.

Black Widow Recharged Guide: Challenges and tasks

Working your way up the old-school arcade mode will earn you bragging rights with your name at the top of the leaderboard. Test your abilities and rank on the boards in one of 30 tasks, or push yourself with 30 innovative challenges that twist the gameplay in new and fascinating ways. 

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Black Widow Recharged Guide: Graphics

Black Widow Recharged uses the same elegant vector-like graphics of the original 80s game as the other Atari Recharged titles. The game does have some neat particle effects, but nothing revolutionary.

Charge and blast

Black Widow Recharged powers
Shooting at bugs (Atari)

To charge, a strong web blast, collect coins from downed adversaries. Explosive explosions, spread-shots, and dread, which trap all enemies in your web, are among the new power-ups available. You may also use the huge web explosion to pull you out of tight circumstances.

The game stutters a bit

When you play certain challenges, the frame drops. Furthermore, there are a lot of enemies on screen at once, using a web power attack to kill them all stutters the game severely.

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You can’t see your results

It’s very strange that only the top 5 local scores will be displayed as your final score. The game will not tell you your final score if you get less than your 5th best score. It would be better if everyone could have seen their results.

No story in Black Widow Recharged

spin attack
Using powers (Atari)

You won’t find the deep emotional scripts and story-driven games you’re used to here. The only thing Black Widow: Recharged cares about is destroying every bug. 

Control Black Widow and destroy everything

It is you who controls the titular black widow. Despite its aggressive nature, this arachnid doesn’t have much health. The flaws of this character require you to plan your approach, as going out all guns blazing is a sure-fire way to fail. The glowing bugs drop a variety of power-ups when shot. As the game progresses, you’ll gain rapid-fire, acid shots, the ability to slow time, etc. Additionally, you can also fire a deadly web that will kill everything in its path.

Collect Dollar Signs

dollar signs
Collecting dollar signs (Atari)

There are not a lot of nuances to the shooting mechanics, but the game still holds a lot of charm. Your weapon meter is filled by collecting dollar signs dropped by enemies. You can use this to launch a web blast that covers a wide area once it has been filled.

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