If you are facing difficulties to beat Kronika in Mortal Kombat 11? Our guide will tell you how to beat Kronika.

Kronika is the last boss in Mortal Kombat 11. She is the Time Keeper. The Elder Gods are her two offspring. She is, without a doubt, a dangerous adversary. Her battle is divided into multiple stages, with various characters intervening on her behalf in between. You’ll have to beat her roughly seven times until she dies.

Kronika is extremely tough to combat because of several circumstances at play in her life. She can take a lot of damage and is intrinsically capable of blocking attacks like Liu Kang’s bicycle kicks and deadly punches.

Gameplay (YouTube)
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Kronika’s Abilities

Fight gameplay with Kronika (YouTube)

Kronika’s numerous damaging projectiles make her one of the most dangerous characters. Their long-range makes them very versatile, and they have various effects as well. Using Time Sphere, she can use projectile attacks or beams of energy that reach across the stage. In the event that the Time Sphere’s energy beam pierces your character, several frames will be reversed and damage will be dealt. You may feel like a hostage whenever you’re caught in the Time Sphere’s grasp.

Among Kronika’s other skills is the ability to teleport. This is usually done after every attack she makes. Consequently, you must remain alert and pay attention to where Kornika is located. In addition, use attacks with lower block disadvantages so that Kronika doesn’t have enough time to teleport and attack from behind.

Kronika has a wide array of immunity. Furthermore, she is immune to equipment augments, throws, kombos of juggling, fatal blows, and crushing blows. As a result, showing off with your cool moves won’t get you anywhere.

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How to beat Kronika

Fight gameplay with Kronika (YouTube)

When Kronika is in the middle of combat, she will be replaced by another character. Despite her having far less health than usual, this essentially improves her overall health and increases your chances of doing something dumb and receiving more damage. She also employs bizarre time-bending moves that are hard to foresee ahead of time. When you’re struck by one of her attacks, you’ll usually find yourself in a protracted Kombo where you’ll take a lot of damage.

To have a chance against Kronika, you must stay on the offense as much as you can. Your powerful special strikes aren’t cost-effective, and if she stops them, you’re in serious trouble. Instead, utilize fast, light Kombos that are easy to recover to keep her shocked and unable to unleash her cheap special attacks. If you can’t successfully execute Kombos, at the very least spam some punches and kicks and do some old-school button pounding. The main goal is to prevent Kronika from attacking and maintain pressure on her.

Don’t attempt to flee or maintain a safe distance. Kronika will track you down and defeat you. You’ll only be able to defeat Kronika if you take the battle to her. You should burn all of your amplified special attacks when the phase turns to her summoning another character. As much as feasible, use Fatal Blow to get them out of the path as quickly as possible.

Block continuously

Continue to use your fists on Kronika when she emerges. Attempt to block as many assaults as you can, despite how difficult it is. If you detect an attack being telegraphed, pause what you’re doing and dodge/block, then return to Kronika’s face and continue. If you follow all these steps correctly, you will surely be able to beat Kronika.

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