We have brought you the Elden Ring Golden Scarab guide that will help you to obtain it and tell you how to use it in the game.

Gold Scarabs are one of the most important tools for farming runes in Elden Ring. You can obtain runes at a rate of about 20 percent with this well-hidden but very useful item. It’s also an upgrade that lasts forever. Just as long as you have the talisman equipped. 

The buff stacks even with gold-pickled fowl foot consumables, which also boost rune acquisition. You should have this in your arsenal. It’s just a matter of finding it. Below is the Elden Ring Golden Scarab Guide that details everything about it.

swampy area
swamp region (YouTube)
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Elden Ring Golden Scarab Guide: Reach Caelid

You must first reach Caelid, the swampy red region full of poisonous muck and horrific mutations. Caelid can be accessed in two ways. 

First Way

Following the roads is all one needs to do. From the Stormhill Shack, where you meet Roderika, the road that leads northeast of Limgrave eventually brings you to Summonwater Village. After reaching Summonwater Village, things begin to turn crimson. 

A Birdseye Telescope and Grace Smoldering Wall Site are located to the southeast of this entry point. You can always see the telescope locations on your map, so if you have trouble finding them, look for the icon. Maps are always available at the obelisk-like “steles” that are also clearly marked on your map.

Second Way

Caelid can also be entered under the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Limgrave’s lakebed is filled with dragon-burnt ruins. You can encounter a dragon on this lake. There is no need to fight the scaly one in order to get in. Pass the undead weaklings nearby without fighting. There is a cellar hidden under the rubble by a set of stairs. You can transport into Caelid by opening the chest.

It may be faster to enter the swamp this way, but it is more dangerous. When you take the transporter, you will be locked in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. After you exit the dungeon and rest at a Site of Grace, you will be able to leave. Fortunately, most of the tunnels can be navigated through stealth. To reach the telescope, ride Torrent southwest through the swamps of Aeonia, which are infested with rot.

Elden Ring Golden Scarab Guide: Fight or Run

Fighting the enemy (YouTube

The Smoldering Wall is the best place to begin your descent into Caelid. Continue straight east. Before finding a single Abductor Virgin, you will encounter one of the terrible Elden Ring enemies. Coffins on wheels consisting of metal with chained weapons for arms. Battles with them are also nearly impossible. 

The only option is to fight them or run from them. While the Abductor Virgins’ bodies are closed, they take much less damage than when they are open. When they open wide, you can use ranged attacks to attack their meaty insides, but be careful not to get eaten.

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Use trees as bridges to enter the cave

use trees as bridge
Dead trees (YouTube0

A pile of dead enemies lies in front of the Abductor Virgin. Several are scattered over a log to the east next to a cliff. View the two corpses and the log to the left of the cliff. The cliff’s left side is filled with more branches. It is possible to cross these dead trees to reach the other side of a canyon by using them as bridges. 

By now, you’ve probably seen some messages and bloodstains guiding you if you’re playing online. It’s simply a matter of reaching the end of the branch. On the other side of the canyon, hewn into the rock, there is a cave. A dungeon called the Abandoned Cave. Enter the cave and prepare to fight.

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Abandoned cave

Elden Ring Golden Scarab location
Abandoned cave location (YouTube)

You can explore the Abandoned Cave pretty easily. However, that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Scarlet Rot is a status effect that is triggered by the red goop inside. When you walk through it, the red gas will harm you. Last but not least, standing on top of the bubbling geysers on the ground could end in instant death. The whole thing happens as you shuffle through the muck.

The first stretch of this dungeon is the hardest of all, aside from the boss. Right after you exit the first swamp hallway, use your anti-rot items and spells such as ‘Cleanse Me incantation’. In the deeper swamps, Scarlet Rot is less prevalent. To make matters worse, you’re up against mushroom wizards, giant rats, and Miranda Flowers. 

They’re nothing compared to the enemies you face. Though Scarlet Rot is present in even greater quantity in the boss room. Furthermore, you’ll be greeted with a sickle and spear by two Cleanrot Knights in this area. Technically, these are just normal enemies, but with health bars the size of bosses.

Here, Spirit Summoning and co-op can be very useful. It’s not too bad when the Cleanrot Knights don’t come at you simultaneously. You can stagger and land critical hits when the Cleanrot Knights don’t attack you simultaneously. If you can, try focusing on just one at first, then the second will be much easier.


Elden Ring Golden Scarab as reward
Gold Scarab as a reward (YouTube)

All of these goopy hells have earned you the lovable Gold Scarab! All throughout your time in Elden Ring, you’ll receive an extra 20 percent runes when you wear the talisman. Take it off when your boss gives you major trouble, and replace it with a more useful talisman. It’s more useful for farming than fighting.

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