Want to play as a vampire in a battle royale? Read our Vampire The Masquerade Guide if you are going to start the game.

Want to play a battle royale game as a vampire with those super skills? Yes, that is possible in Vampire: The Masquerade. This is the finest vampire experience you can have in a game. It is unique in that it gives you a distinct perspective on the world when you engage with it. 

All of the vampire kinds have been thoroughly developed. If you are new to the game or not, our Vampire the Masquerade guide will help you to know everything about the game. Follow the guide and become the best among all the players.

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Vampire: The Masquerade Guide: Heightened Senses

Heightened senses are the powers that will help you to detect item drops, guns, and many other things. This is very helpful and very important because when you start the game, all of you just have a decent pistol that does not really help you. You quickly need a good weapon and therefore you can search for it quickly with Heightened senses. The best part is that this is the only ability that you can use during the five-second countdown at the beginning of every match. This will give you a bonus to search around you and find useful items quickly.

Vampire: The Masquerade Guide: Stay high

The most essential feature of Prague is its verticality. This map has lots of buildings and you can climb its rooftops and run from one to another. Due to your vampire skills, it will be very easy for you to do that. A player who has played FPS or battle royale games before, knows what is the importance and how crucial it is to stay high. 

It slightly gives you an advantage because you can see the enemies from above and can attack them directly without them noticing you. There are very few players who are very alert and keep looking above them. So, this might not work against them. Other than this, it is a very great option to get some kills in Prague.

Vampire: The Masquerade Guide: Loadout

Loadouts are the most crucial part of battle royale or any other multiplayer shooting game. Deciding the best and perfect loadout according to your playstyle is very crucial as it can decide the outcome of your result. As with other battle royales, snipers are quite famous but, in Vampire The Masquerade, most of the fight ends at a very close distance. That is why it is recommended to have a loadout that suits close or mid-range.  

Vampire The Masquerade gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Choose your starting point

You won’t have to jump from a plane like you would in some Battle Royale games. To face your vampiric opponents, you’ll need to select a spawn point from among many scattered around Prague during the night.

We recommend you choose the same spawn point in every match. Do this at least in the starting few games because this will help you to know the location even better, and you can rule that place. When an opponent comes there, you can kill him/her easily because of your knowledge.

Do not ignore Mortals

There are a lot of mortals in Prague, as well as vampires, and it would be a grave mistake to ignore them. Both can prove beneficial or detrimental, depending on how they are treated.

While you can utilize your Heightened Senses in the game to detect resonant blood from mortals, you can also feed upon the blood of mortals to heal yourself. Different types of blood are found in mortals, and feeding on the same blood type, again and again, will bestow you with powerful bonuses.

Vampire The Masquerade mortals
Feeding on blood (YouTube)
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Don’t reveal yourself to mortals

Keep your true nature hidden from mortals and keep them from seeing you. You become a target of a Bloodhunt if a civilian sees you eating or using your powers, which means enemies can detect you through walls from a great distance. A Bloodhunt makes it difficult to survive.

Use stealth more often

Surely the game is too violent and there is blood everywhere. The vampires are hungry for blood and everyone will just rush to get anything. Here, playing with a stealth technique will be beneficial for you. You can collect the important weapons and plan your moves so that when the enemy approaches, you can just jump and kill them.

Run if you cant win

A Kindred’s health can be taken by guns and swords, but they are able to restore it by ingesting blood from a mortal, syringe, or another Kindred. Taking on players on distant rooftops can be risky due to the ease with which enemies heal and the danger posed by exposing one’s position. Therefore, it is best to run away and hide your location so that you can prepare for the fight next time you face them. 

cut scene
Cut scene (YouTube)
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Play for the team

If you are playing a squad match, then do not just rush alone unless you have skills like a pro. As we said above, there are many possibilities of an enemy finding you, so it will be very difficult for you to face multiple enemies alone. You won’t be able to do anything when there are multiple enemies attacking you all at once. This is why play for the team so that you can all win easily.

Learn the roles

The game encourages players to play in a wide variety of ways, from the melee brawlers to the rooftop sniper. Clans in this Battle Royale are divided into archetypes, so learning one’s role is critical. Brujas specialize with direct attacks, Nosferatu in stealth, and Toreadors specialize in tricks and manipulation. You can select the one that suits your playstyle the best.

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