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Are you a mobile gaming fan? Read our Call of Duty Mobile Guide for some best tips and tricks so that you can improve your gameplay.

Activision and TiMi Studio Group have developed and published Call of Duty: Mobile, an Android and iOS shooter game. In multiplayer mode, players have the option of playing ranked or non-ranked matches. Players can earn credits by playing the game, or they can buy COD Points with real money. 

There are two types of in-game currencies: credits earned for playing the game, and COD points purchased with real money. COD Points are required to buy some exclusive character and weapon skins, though the full game can be played without paying. The game also includes a private room where players can invite and battle their friends in either the multiplayer or battle royale modes, in addition to standard matchmaking. Below we have provided the Call of Duty Mobile Guide with some tips and tricks.

What you need to do to level up fast

You might be wondering how to level up in Call of Duty: Mobile if you’ve got your eye on anything in the Battle Pass. The simplest method is to get XP. The most challenging element is selecting game modes carefully. Unranked PvP battles are easier to play and give you more XP every match, so you’ll level up faster. If you’re bored, you may play Domination mode, which provides you with a lot of experience points and can be completed fast.

Battle royale should be avoided since it takes a long time to finish. Search and Destroy is an option. It takes some time as well, but if you win long combat, you’ll get a lot of XP. You can also use perks to gain extra XP. Team Deathmatch and Frontline aren’t really enjoyable because they conclude quickly and provide minimal XP (unless you kill a lot of enemies in that round).

Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Movements

Call of Duty Mobile Guide
Call of Duty Mobile (Image credit: Activision)

Special movement controls to enhance the rapid pace of the game’s multiplayer mode. The game allows players to sleep, crouch, and even sprint. In addition to being vulnerable to fast-moving enemies, lying down leaves the player vulnerable. The advantage of crouching is that players can move around quickly.

The forward controller can also be used to sprint by sliding it into the forward position or a dedicated sprint button can be tapped. The speed they get from this mechanic is at the expense of accuracy. The following movement mechanics should be explored by the player and purchased by them: Skulker is good for crouching, and Light Weight is good for sprinting.

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Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Shooting mode

Call of Duty Mobile Guide
Call of Duty Mobile (Image credit: Activision)

You may choose between two shooting modes in Call Of Duty Mobile: Simple and Advanced. When your aim pointer passes over an adversary while playing in basic mode, your weapon will automatically fire without the need for your scope. It is recommended to play the game on advanced mode with the shooting settings in advanced mode. If you want to play on basic mode, go ahead and do so, but keep in mind that if you want to excel in the battle royale mode, you’ll need the advanced settings.

When you play with simple shooting controls, you’ll run into difficulty if you’re merely attempting to see what your adversary is doing by zooming in on him. If your aim cursor falls on an adversary, your weapon will immediately fire, revealing your location. If you were scoped in with a sniper rifle, you would be at a disadvantage since it would take time to load the second round, and your adversary would be able to shoot you down first.

Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Upgrade weapon

Call of Duty Mobile Guide
Call of Duty Mobile (Image credit: Activision)

When playing in multiplayer mode, you can use any weapon you possess. As you gain experience with the weapon, it will get more powerful. The upgrade allows you to customize your weapon by adding sights, foregrips, magazines, and stocks, all of which improve your weapon’s stats. This will improve your weapon and offer you a competitive edge over your opponents.

Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Scorestreaks

In contrast to previous multiplayer games, Call of Duty: Mobile brings back the famous Scorestreaks feature. Scorestreaks are unlocked by reaching specified kill statistics, much like in prior games. This time, though, gamers may specify the Scorestreaks they want to use. UAVs, Predator Missiles, Sentry Guns, and even the mighty XS1 Goliath armor are among them.

All of these Scorestreaks bring something fresh to the battlefield and can change the battle’s outcome. As a result, players should experiment to see which Scorestreaks best fit their playstyles and how to change them based on their team composition.

Crouching and sliding will help you a lot

If you tap crouch while sprinting or jogging, your character will slip when he crouches. This allows you to shift your location after being discovered by your adversary, as well as avoid gunshots. You may also fire your weapon while sliding, allowing you to inflict harm on your opponent while avoiding his bullets.

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Battle Royale tips

Battle Royale tips
Call of Duty Mobile (Image credit: Activision)

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Players in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode can choose from a variety of classes. These specializations provide players with distinct perks and abilities that they may use to raise the game’s stakes. The Clown, for example, is effective at luring zombies into a trap or improving their stealth. 

Meanwhile, the Defender can set up a shield to protect colleagues. Using EMP, the Mechanic can locate and deactivate key equipment rapidly. The Medic can use a machine to repair many pals in an area of effect, while the Ninja may use a grappling hook to land stealth kills. Meanwhile, the Scout can track down more enemies as well as the Poltergeist, who has fled.

Dog Tags

When players remove opponents from other squads, they should consider staying in the region rather than leaving right once. Instead, the player can hide behind cover and watch to see whether any of that person’s three teammates try to recover their dog tag. This not only makes for a potentially easy kill, but it may also assist players to remove whole squads in a single skirmish.

As a result, resurrection is a completely new mechanic in Battle Royale. While reviving a fallen teammate is beneficial, allies should also consider how vulnerable their location would be to opposing warriors.

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