Do you want to know how to beat Slime Rancher? We have some tips and tricks that will help you out and make it easy for you.

In this game called Slime Rancher, you will be traveling to different colorful worlds and will be collecting slimes to raise back on the ranch. Now, it is not as easy as it sounds. You won’t be just traveling and collecting. You will face the hostile slimes that will be in your way, and you must defeat them in order to go ahead. Furthermore, you will see many different mechanics in the game, and in this guide, we will tell you how to beat Slime Rancher easily with some of the best tips and tricks.

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How to beat Slime Rancher

Follow the following tips if you want to know how to beat Slime Rancher. This is a fun game, so sit back nicely and comfortably and enjoy it.


The game is not very difficult as it is designed for you to relax and have fun. While you explore, you will find many things and many hidden areas and other secrets as well. In order to go further in the game, you will need to explore and find all the things that are important.

Prioritize earning money in the beginning

When you start the game, you will not be having much money. You definitely need some cash in order to purchase items and even for upgrading. Therefore, we suggest that when you start the game, aim for Pink, Rock, and Tabby. These are the basic and very easy-to-get slimes. So, you can just grab as much as you can and sell them to get some money. After you have a good amount of money, you can start your journey easily.

Slime Rancher gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Plant carrots

When you get enough money by selling the Pink, Rock, and Tabby slimes, build two corrals and two gardens. When you plant the carrots in both gardens, you will earn more and lots of money. This is because it will be feeding the slimes nicely and therefore you will earn more. 

Feed the favorite foods

When we were talking about feeding carrots to the slime, make sure that you feed the slimes their favorite food. This will make them happier and it will be good for you as you can earn more.

Slime Rancher gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Keep upgrading

What are you saving up the money for? Yes, you will need to upgrade in order to explore further. Why do you need to upgrade? There will be many areas and maps that you will unlock as you play further. These areas will be more difficult and you will have more tough opponents. Therefore, it is highly recommended to upgrade yourself before going into these areas.

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Special Rewards

When you complete the missions for the Mochi, Ogden, and Viktor, you will unlock three special areas of the world. When you get to these areas, you will get some special slimes or rare slimes. You will have to complete missions for these ranchers, and this will help you to get new expansions. Remember, you cannot unlock these expansions by any other missions.

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