PUBG PC Guide 2022 – Now Free to Play!

We have brought you a PUBG PC Guide 2022. The game is finally free to play for PC users. You can download it from Steam.

In addition to making PUBG: Battlegrounds free-to-play on consoles and PC, the devs have also released Update 15.2. The new update adds a bunch of cool, new features to the game, including new tactical gear, tutorials, queueing features, and more.

PUBG: Battlegrounds will become free-to-play on January 12th, 2022, according to Krafton’s announcement last year. On PC and consoles, players can now play the game for free, and all the new content is available in Update 15.2.

How to start

You will find yourself flying high above Erangel or Miramar when the game begins. Using your map, you can figure out the exact direction in which the plane is heading and find out where people are going to loot. The most popular areas are dense urban areas, military bases, and ports. These are often stocked with loot and have vehicles, but they are also the most dangerous due to the high concentration of players.

You have three options once you know where the flight path is. As quickly as possible, you can fall and land flat on your back, hoping to grab a weapon first. When you see other players landing near you, you should be on the lookout for them and try to kill them before they can gear up. Holding Ctrl while moving will make you appear silent. Your steps will be quieter, but you will go slower.

If you need to land fast, you might choose to take a vehicle instead of a weapon. Once in a car, travel in the opposite direction of the flight route. There will be many fewer people around, allowing you to plunder in relative quiet. Allow enough time to get back into a favorable position before dealing with the circle and blue wall of doom.

Sanhok Map in PUBG (Image credit: Steam)

Finally, you can leap out of the plane, draw your parachute as quickly as possible, and drift far away from the flight route. You’ll frequently arrive before any players in automobiles, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the chance to take the wheel.

PUBG PC Guide 2022: Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear is a new category of in-game goods in PUBG: battlegrounds that will provide players with more options for dealing with scenarios. These technological advancements in the game will allow players to gain an advantage over their opponents without resorting to gunplay, providing them with more combat options in the game.

The Drone is a piece of tactical equipment that allows players to scout a large area and even take up objects without risking direct confrontation. The Drone will spawn on every map and has a vast operating radius of 300 meters.

The EMT Gear is a tactical item that lets players choose between improved healing potential for themselves and their squad at the expense of combat flexibility. Players that don the EMT Gear will be able to interact with injured teammates, allowing them to spend one of their own healing items on them.

Use Terrain as cover

PUBG PC Guide 2022
PUBG (Image credit: Steam)

Buildings are normally quite excellent at keeping you alive, especially if you can hide the lone entrance, but they come with a lot of dangers. A well-placed grenade will put a stop to your sprint in a hurry, and anybody who knows you’re in there may just wait near the exit. Try to pick a ridge, dip, or slope where your opponents won’t be able to attack you if you need to hold your ground for a while. This will give substantial cover with greater visibility than a structure and, most importantly, many more escape alternatives.

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PUBG PC Guide 2022: Level 3 Helmet

If you want to win, you’ll need a nice helmet and vest, thus always opt for the highest level while looting untouched gear. However, it might be tough to discern what to take up and what to leave if you locate a damaged level three on the person you brought down after a fight. 

The general rule is really rather straightforward in this case. Even if it’s on the verge of being destroyed, always grab a level three helmet. A level three will always, and only, rescue you from a headshot with the M24. As a result, it’s almost always worthwhile.

PUBG PC Guide 2022: AWM

PUBG PC Guide 2022
PUBG (Image credit: Steam)

All the airdrop weapons are fantastic choices that you should use whenever you get the opportunity, but the AWM is without a doubt the greatest and most powerful rifle in the game. Even if they’re wearing a level three helmet, the AWM will one-shot everyone if you strike them in the head. 

Even with a level two vest, it only takes two hits to knock someone out. If you can locate one, there’s no reason not to use it, even if it may seem a little overpowering. Although, if you don’t have any type of optic to put on it, good luck hitting shots because that iron sight is horrible.

PUBG PC Guide 2022: Healing

As long as time allows, it’s never a terrible idea to consume your energy drinks and medicines. This is also true in a top-ten situation. These goods will not only restore the final amount of health that first aid kits and bandages won’t be able to restore, but they will also give you a boost. Above your health bar, you’ll find the boost bar. 

From the first section, you get slow healing. The second section gives you increased healing, the third section gives you even faster healing and a movement bonus. The fourth section gives you even faster healing and a movement bonus and the final section gives you even faster healing and a movement bonus.

What to do in a Combat

What to do in a Combat
PUBG (Image credit: Steam)

If you’re battling in a city, keep an eye out for open doors; there might be an adversary lurking inside. If you have to open a door, rapidly walk to the left once it opens to avoid being blasted by an opponent camped behind it. With the addition of vaulting to the game, you may now jump through a window and surprise an adversary camped within a structure.

Any players you knock out in a team battle can be disregarded. They’re no longer threatening, and disregarding talented teammates is risky, even if you’d get a kill if you finished them out. You’ll receive the kills even if you concentrate on killing the whole opponent team. Remember that downed teammates might still provide callouts to their comrades, so act as though the adversary is aware of your whereabouts.

In combat, you’ll almost certainly receive some damage. Bandages can be used to quickly restore health if you have the time. They are simple to use and can make the difference between absorbing another bullet and being entirely obliterated. Applying bandages takes four seconds, first aid kits six seconds, and medical kits eight seconds.

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