We have brought you the Jotun Valhalla Edition guide with some of the best tips and tricks so that you can win easily.

As you play the Jotun: Valhalla Edition, you’ll be glued to your television set the whole time due to the gorgeous art and challenging puzzles. Since the game is now available for Xbox One and PS4, lots of new players can travel to Valhalla and experience the nine realms of Norse mythology. This might be difficult for you, but we are here to make it easy for you with our Jotun Valhalla Edition guide.

Jera (Nintendo)
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Jotun Valhalla Edition guide: Jera

The first boss you are going to face is Jera who is a nature Jotun. She will use plants and vines to attack you. You might be thinking that she is the first boss, and you will defeat her easily. This is not true, and not even try to underestimate this giant. She will summon tentacles that will slam onto the ground and the poison gas cloud will appear that will choke you to the death. 

You will need to dodge her attacks, especially when she is using her fists. For the poison gas cloud, it is recommended to stay near the blue flower. Learn the pattern of her punches and then chop down the tentacles so that you are safe from both of her deadly attacks. Keep doing this and you will beat her easily. A flower will then appear on her stomach and you will need to beat her as much as you can in order to move ahead in the game. 

Jotun Valhalla Edition guide: Fe

Fe is the only Jotun who is not elemental. She has an army of dwarves that will do anything to defeat you. Considering that you have come far in the game and unlocked Loki’s Decoy power. You will need it to finish this fight very easily. When the dwarves are summoned by Fe, she will shout and tell them to attack you. This is where the Decoy power comes to your rescue. Use it, so you can distract the dwarves and focus on Fe. 

Fe will use her shield and throw it at you so you make sure to bring your decoy there so that it will end up killing the dwarves on her own. Avoid her dwarves and her shield slams, and keep attacking her at the right moments in order to win this fight.

Jotun Valhalla Edition Fe
Fe (Nintendo)
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Jotun Valhalla Edition guide: Isa

You will have a tough fight while defeating the ice giant Isa. He will charge at you and even use his frosty breath. If you get by any of these attacks then it will not be good for you. Only by getting beneath his feet and mastering his movements will help you to defeat him. When you master this, this fight will be in your favor. You will need Freyja’s speed in this fight so that you can outrun his abilities. 

The floor of the arena will be turned into slippery ice when Isa reaches half of his health. This phase makes Isa very difficult and he can be overpowering you in this phase. You will need to predict his moves and movements and plan your attack carefully. This time, it is the skills that will help you win the fight.

Isa Jotun
Isa (Nintendo)

Jotun Valhalla Edition guide: Hagalaz

Hagalaz might be the Jotun who comes very late but you will feel that she is the easiest one of all. However, you will face difficulties when she will summon a copy of herself. This might be troubling because if you try to dodge one of the attacks, you will get hit by the other attack from her copy. Therefore, keep patience and hit her whenever there is a good chance or a good opening. When the four pylons in the arena are powered up, she will go down for a few seconds. Keep all these things in mind and win the fight.

Hagalaz jotun
Hagalaz (Nintendo)
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Jotun Valhalla Edition guide: Kaunan

Kaunan The Fire Jotun creates lava eruptions on the ground. He is very fast, and you will have a seriously tough fight with him. Whenever the shadow appears, its a sign for you to run because if you don’t then you will be hit by his attacks. And this is very serious because you can die with just one hit from Kaunan. Be aware of his sword slash. You will have to predict, dodge, and attack in order to win this fight. Use Freyja and Thor because they are the only best options available for you in this fight. 

Kaunan (Nintendo)

Jotun Valhalla Edition guide: Odin

Odin The Allfather, who is the king of the gods, will appear when you defeat all the Jotun. This will be the game’s toughest battle. In this fight, you will need the god’s powers to assist you. His spears, runes, and other attacks are deadly, so keep dodging them. There is not much you can do in this fight except dodge and wait for the right moment for your attack.

Odin (Nintendo)

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