Our Vampyr Guide will help you to do the right things in the game. With this, you can make your gameplay better.

DONTNOD Entertainment’s Vampyr is a PlayStation 4 game that was published in June 2018. This is a new IP that has just joined PS Plus as one of the free PS4 titles for October 2020. It is best known for the Life Is Strange series. It is a game with a ton of interesting concepts, an engaging universe, and a wonderful cast of characters.

Your problems don’t end when you die in Vampyr. It is important to have difficult conversations, to make tough decisions about how to eat, and to make tough choices about what skills and powers to unlock with XP. In this Vampyr guide, we’ll reveal our beginner’s tips and methods for sucking the most blood out of 1918 London.

Vampyr Guide: Collect everything

Collect goods from boxes, cabinets, and even rubbish bins in communities while wandering the streets – whenever possible. Allow this habit to permeate your veins – items of this sort can be utilized for crafting. Furthermore, the boxes and other lockers are renewable, so if you return to the spot in the future, you will be able to obtain the stuff again.

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Vampyr Guide: Avoid eating anyone right away

Vampyr Guide
Vampyr (Image credit: Vampyr on Steam)

We understand how tempting it is to gnaw necks and kill people at random – you’re a vampire, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Just don’t rush into anything since it’s not always evident how significant a person is, who they know, or whether they’re good or terrible. The more you chat with individuals in your neighborhood, the more you’ll discover about them and their relationships. 

At most, you could accidentally kill someone’s buddy and lose any discussion subjects or hints they may have provided you with. At worst, you may assassinate an area’s “pillar,” a vital member of the community whose death can have disastrous consequences.

Don’t rush, you have opportunities to visit places again

The tempo is one of Vampyr’s major flaws. When you find a new place after the first chapter, there is normally approximately an hour of optional dialogue that you might choose to plow through right away. Don’t get too caught up in finishing everything right away; Vampyr’s semi-open world isn’t huge, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to revisit most regions numerous times.

You don’t have to suffer through it all in one sitting if you’re the type of person who bounces off talky interludes with a heap of text and conversation. However, try to talk to everyone about everything at some point because this is how you unlock side missions, which are vital if you want to earn the greatest weapons and collectibles in the game.

Vampyr Guide: Hints

When you arrive at Pembroke Hospital, you will have the opportunity to speak with the staff and learn about their history. This is critical since a character who has solved all the problems will offer you a lot more experience when sucking blood. Maintain vigilance while discussing the dialogues you’ve uncovered with others; the dialogues might occasionally prevent you from receiving fresh insights.

Vampyr Guide: Defense

Vampyr Guide
Vampyr (Image credit: Vampyr on Steam)

You’ll learn about the dodge skill (tap O/B) and the run skill (hold O/B) early on in Vampyr. The dodge skill is described as a mobility option that allows you to evade opponent strikes. However, consistently avoiding is a faster technique to go and will get you from point A to point B as quickly as the game permits!

While you may be ready to put your newfound talents to use and rush into a fight, keep in mind that defense is at least half of the game. Learning how to dodge successfully and when to employ Blood Barrier and Coagulation, as well as stamina management, will be critical to success in Vampyr. That being said, don’t invest too much XP on your offensive abilities. Instead, divide your XP evenly between offensive and defense to improve your chances of surviving on your quest!

Vampyr Guide: Health and Stamina

Regardless of whether you murder or go vegetarian during your playing, Jonathon will do significantly better in the fight if he can survive longer without tiring. Improving his stamina will improve your ability to chain attacks together before needing to halt, as well as allow you to avoid opposing assaults for longer periods without having to regroup.

Strengthening your health implies you’ll be able to resist more strikes before you’re “dead” in the sense of an immortal vampire. More health is essential for winning group bouts and lengthier boss encounters if your opponent’s HP bar is likewise longer than usual.

Talking is the key

Talking is the key
Vampyr (Image credit: Vampyr on Steam)

In Vampyr, there’s a lot of chatting. It’s probably around 60% of what you’ll be doing most of the time, but it’s critical. Very few individuals are what they appear to be: wicked characters are frequently revealed to be not quite so bad, while some nice men are revealed to be not so good. The problem is that some tips and options you’ll need to find are only available by conversing with other individuals and exploring. Before you judge or trust someone, be sure you know them.

Enemies will respawn

Enemies, like loot, will reappear after a specified length of time. This implies that you must be vigilant since a formerly enemy-free zone may now be brimming with life or the undead. On the good side, this means you’ll be able to farm for treasure and experience by returning to locations you’ve already visited. Taking on side missions generally entails retracing your steps in familiar locales for more EXP and goods.

Vampyr Guide: Combat

Combat in vampyr
Vampyr (Image credit: Vampyr on Steam)

It’s easy to overlook your secondary stun attack because it doesn’t deal much damage and only knocks foes back. Using it, however, depletes their stamina, allowing you to bite them to replenish your blood and unleash vampire skills. Continue to clock folks with your offhand weapon and bite anytime you see teeth. 

That way, you’ll always be able to heal and use any clever undead skills you have at your disposal. Some two-handed weapons also allow you to parry, which has a stunning effect and may be quite beneficial against tougher opponents and bosses.

Vampyr Guide: XP

Vampyr continually tells you that eating people will make the game easier because of the delicious XP in their blood, but you don’t have to worry about it too much at first. Okay, so the normal mortal will give you at least 1500-3000 XP per neck in one bite, which would take you around an hour to gain in-game. 

However, you may earn it through conducting missions to get XP more slowly at the beginning if you don’t want to slaughter indiscriminately right once. Investigating, investigating, or speaking with individuals to learn more is a fantastic method to improve this. Later in the game, improvements might get costly, so you may have to make some judgments about whom to gnaw on, but don’t worry about doing so right away.

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