Do you want to know everything about Tranquil Island? We have brought you the Lost Ark Tranquil Island guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

The world of Arkesia, as seen in Lost Ark, is made up of multiple continents, city-states, and islands that your character is tasked with exploring throughout the game’s endgame. In the course of battling Ghost Ships and gathering Pirate Coins on the high seas, you may be thinking of exploring the Tranquil Isle, a mysterious location among the waves. In the Lost Ark, Tranquil Isle is a hidden area where players can get different Quests, Mokoko seeds, and Island Tokens. Read our Lost Ark Tranquil Island guide to learn everything about it.

Tranquil Island gameplay
Tranquil island gameplay (YouTube)
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Lost Ark Tranquil Island Guide: location

If you’re arriving from the mainland, you’ll have to go all the way to Black Cave Marina before arriving on Tranquil Isle. Once you’ve arrived at Black Cave Marina, you may continue sailing northwest. After passing through Cradle of the Sea, look for Tranquil Isle on the right side of the road. Sea Ripple Support Ship is the closest marina to Tranquil Isle.

Lost Ark Tranquil Isle Island Token

After finishing the Island of Eternal Rest quest, you will face a boss known as Specter Lord. When you beat the boss, the Tranquil Island Token will be dropped. However, you will not always get this Token for beating the boss. Since this boss drops completely randomly, you may have to try several times before you obtain the Tranquil Island Token.

Before all that, however, you’ll need to get the Requiem of Twilight by completing quests. In the specter Lord fight, you will need to play it multiple times near the twisted tree in the arena once you have it.

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Lost Ark Tranquil Island Guide: Quests

Tranquil Island quest
Speaking with Father Diruth for quest (YouTube)

Tranquil Isle has two main quests, one of which will grant you the Requiem of Twilight, and another which is a secret quest. 

Once you enter Eternal Rest Island, the first quest you’ll get is Island of Eternal Rest. The quest will be given to you by the father Diruth, and you’ll receive the Requiem of Twilight song as well as 5,000 Silver as a reward. The Specter Lord can only be summoned by playing that song.

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A Message from the Dead is the secret quest you will find on Tranquil Island. As a reward, you will get 10,000 silver and a Vitality Increase Potion after talking to the Tombstone on the eastern side of the island.

Mokoko seeds location

In total, you are going to find three Mokoko Seeds in Tranquil Isle. Players can get awesome rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. The location of all of them can be seen below.

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Tranquil Island mokoko seeds location
Mokoko seeds location (YouTube)

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