Want to know more about Ghost Ships? We are here with the Lost Ark Ghost Ship guide so that you can learn everything about these ships.

Traveling around another continent, exploring islands, and facing specific encounters are all possible with Lost Ark’s sailing mode. These include the Lost Ark Ghost Ships, which appear at specific times during the day and each has a specific difficulty level. 

In exchange for rare rewards, players take on difficult fights with their ghostly crews on these ships spawning randomly in the sea. Getting to and participating in these naval battles may prove to be challenging. A person who is brave enough to stand up to these nightmarish sights can reap some excellent rewards. So, here is the Lost Ark Ghost Ship guide to help you learn everything about it.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship battle
Ghost ship battle (YouTube)
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How to unlock the Ghost Ships

You must first unlock the ability to sail on open waters before you can reach Lost Ark’s Ghost Ships. In order to board a ghost ship and begin the combat encounter, you must have your own ship. When you complete the main quest, sailing becomes available to you. Upon completing the Wavestrand Port questline, you will be able to get your own ship and embark. 

The pursuit of Ghost Ships will take you into rough waters, so you should customize your ship for durability to handle these encounters more effectively. In order to win the tough battles ahead, hire recruits with the Fighter: Ghost Ship trait, which increases their damage.

The Rohendel zone will be unlocked after you reach item level 460. Getting to item level 460 requires you to complete Chaos Dungeons and then increase the level of that gear by using Gear Honing. During your journey through the Lost Ark story, you will encounter quests that introduce both of these mechanics.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Guide: Location

It isn’t possible to spawn Ghost Ships every day, but when they do spawn, they do so at the beginning of several hours throughout the day. The screen will display a notification once the activity is about to start. In any case, it’s a good idea to check out the schedule in advance through Procyon’s Compass. There are three ghost ships available in Lost Ark:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: It requires Item Level 460 and is found in the Northeast of the Sea of Procyon
Location for nightmare ghost ship
Nightmare ghost ship location (YouTube)
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: It requires Item Level 960 and is found in the East of Feiton
Location for shadow ghost ship
Shadow ghost ship location (YouTube)
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: It requires Item Level 1370 and is found in the Southeast of Punika
Tempest Ghost ship in lost ark
Tempest ghost ship location (YouTube)

Nightmare Ghost Ship, item level 460, will be of use to you. Search for “ghost ship” in your map’s search bar, or look for gray ship icons on your map to find the Nightmare Ghost Ship. There may not always be a Ghost Ship available to challenge, since they spawn randomly throughout the day. 

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The Nightmare Ghost Ship battle demands you to first slay the ship’s crew before confronting its master. Because regular resurrection is disabled, it’s a good idea to have Resurrection Feathers with you, which will revive you if you die in combat.

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Guide: Rewards

Although you can find varying rewards from defeating Ghost Ships, you can count on some powerful upgrade materials, such as engravings that enhance your skills. Additionally, you’ll earn Pirate Coins that can be used to upgrade your ship, which is important if you want to take on even more difficult Ghost Ships. Ghost Ship rewards are only available once per week, so farming them isn’t something to do daily.

When you’re able, accept the Bleak Night Fog daily quest from the “Una’s Tasks” option in your menu whenever it’s available to gain the most rewards from Ghost Ships. For you to make progress on this quest, you’ll need to defeat a Ghost Ship whenever you face one. 

When you finish this quest for the first few times, you will only receive silver as a reward. If you beat it 12 times, you will be rewarded with Eibern’s Wound, a powerful and popular Ghost Ship that you can sail for yourself.

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Things to keep in mind

Ghost ship events
Procyon’s Compass (YouTube)

The best way to get all the rewards from a Ghost Ship is to go in with a group, both so you can stay alive, and can make sure you’re doing enough damage. You will be paired with random players if you do not have a group.

Follow Procyon’s Compass for Ghost Ship appearances once you have met all requirements. It will put you and other nearby players against a boss at the top of the ship. In the event that you die during an encounter and don’t use a Phoenix Plume, or just quit, no rewards will be earned.

One of Una’s tasks directly involves Lost Ark Ghost Ships. It’s called Bleak Night Fog, and if you stick with it, you will earn some great rewards. However, defeating the Ghost Ship boss only happens once a week, which means it will take a while to increase the reputation of the quest.

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