Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Guide – Everything you should know

Here is the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island guide that will help you to learn everything about the island in the game.

Sailboats are one of Lost Ark’s most intriguing features of the end game. You can find several islands scattered around the world when you enter the open seas of Arkesia. Some are large islands, basically continents at the end of the game, while others are smaller islands full of activities. 

During certain calendar events, you can find Lost Ark World Bosses spawning on these islands. Players can also access other islands during certain events that only become available at certain times. Many of the islands in the game are visited and forgotten, as they do not offer any events, daily content, or anything else that can be harvested. 

drumbeat island gameplay
Drumbeat Island gameplay (YouTube)

The calendar will let you know when these islands will be active, so you can plan your day accordingly. The islands rotate each day and at different times. Below, we have the Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Guide for you.

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Lost Ark Drumbeat Island Guide

Drumbeat Island might be a potential spawn location for Procyon’s Eye Compass. During the adventure quest that occurs on Drumbeat Island, RNG acquires Drumbeat Island Tokens. You will get to quest from Scholar Orbitan on Drumbeat Island. The first quest name is ‘Mysterious Object’ and the other is ‘With Doubts’. 

Drumbeat Island Rewards

Island token
Island token (YouTube)
  • Drumbeat Island Token
  • Gienah’s Coin x1,000
  • Pirate Coin x10,000

The Drumbeat island token binds when obtained. It is proof that the island has accepted you. You cannot sell this token or dismantle it. It is indestructible. However, you can exchange it for various rewards at Opher, the Lonely Island.

The epic Gienah’s Coin is bound to the roster on pickup. You will receive this reward in the ‘With Doubts’ quest given by Scholar Orbitan. It is a special coin that can only be found in Gineah. You cannot sell this token or dismantle it. It is indestructible. However, you can take this coin to the merchant ship that collects coins.

The pirate coins are the normal ones that you will receive in the ‘Mysterious Object’ quest given by Scholar Orbitan. This coin cannot be dismantled. Pirate coins are the currency accepted only in Arkesia. You can use it with the traveling merchant ships on the sea or by islands that are occupied by pirates.

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Keep in mind

It’s worth noting that there’s no correlation between these islands and the dates accessible. They’re truly random, so plan ahead of time and make a list of any islands you’d like to see. Some of these islands, on the other hand, include commercial ships, pirate NPCs, and pirate currencies like pirate coins. It’s a different type of sailing mechanic.

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