Are you a Genshin Impact fan? If so, you’ll need a great team. Read our guide that will tell you the Genshin Impact best free to play team.

A player controls one of four interchangeable characters in a party in Genshin Impact, a role-playing game set in an open world. While fighting, you can switch characters quickly, allowing you to use a variety of skill combinations. Various methods can be used to enhance the strengths of characters, such as increasing the character’s level and improving his artifacts and weapons. In addition to exploration, rewards can be obtained by attempting challenges. On Teyvat there are challenges and bosses that reward highly valuable resources.

Stamina restricts the player’s ability to perform actions such as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding. The players can use their characters’ abilities to modify the environment, like freezing water to create ice bridges that can help them in overworld exploration. There are many places around the world where players can teleport as a means of fast travel; among them are landmarks known as Statues of the Seven. These are powerful healing and reviving characters, as well as providing bonuses such as increased stamina.

Genshin Impact Characters

There are two distinct combat skills for each character: an elemental skill and an elemental burst. Using the Elemental Skill is possible at any time, except for the time immediately following its use. Elemental Bursts have a cost in energy, which must be accrued through defeating enemies or inflicting elemental status effects. 

The seven elements, which correspond to ice, grass, fire, water, wind, thunder, and rock, are controlled by the characters: The Cyros, Dendros, Pyros, Hydros, Anemos, Electros, and Geos. To help you out, here is the Genshin Impact best free to play teams.

Genshin Impact best free to play team: Ningguang + Xingqiu + Diona + Bennett

Genshin Impact Bennett in free to play team
Bennett (YouTube)

As a DPS, Ningguang is the focus of this team, with three supporting characters. The Geo catalyst Ningguang uses her hands to shoot and create walls to defend herself from attacks. Ningguang can survive and hit enemies easier when Xingqiu and Diona can freeze their enemies and heal Ningguang. With Bennett, she will have even more healing power and will have an increased ATK so she can deal even more damage. This team is best for triple healing.

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Genshin Impact best free to play team: Beidou +Fischl + Xingqui + Bennet

This is one of the most flexible free-to-play teams in Genshin Impact. The players should begin by using Beidou’s Burst, followed by Bennett, Xingqui, and Fischl. Thus, players can use Xingqui’s hydro powers and occasionally superconduct to deal tremendous damage inside an Electro bubble.

Genshin Impact Beidou
Beidou (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact best free to play team: Xiangling + Xingqui + Chongyun + Bennet

In the Chinese community, this team is known as the Chinese National Team. The melt and vaporize team composition will help players trigger powerful Elemental reactions while also enhancing total damage potential. Sucrose can also be used instead of Chongyun to increase the amount of damage she causes with her swirls.

Genshin Impact free to play team includes Xiangling
Xiangling (YouTube)
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Genshin Impact best free to play team: Kaeya + Bennett + Xiangling + Barbara

A comp that has a DPS supported by another 3 characters is always a good choice. According to the build you create for Kaeya, he can either be a Physical or Cryo DPS. No matter which builds you choose, he cannot be stopped. Bennett’s burst will increase his damage, and Xiangling and Barbara’s skills will create elemental reactions. Additionally, Barbara will heal your team with her burst. This team will help you in elemental reactions and give you double healing.

Genshin Impact kaeya
Kaeya (YouTube)

Genshin Impact best free to play team: Beidou + Fischl + Sucrose + Diona

The DPS is Beidou, who is held back by Fischl and Diona, while Sucrose acts as an enabler and crowd-controller. With Beidou, you get exceptional damage because she is a 4-star DPS. In addition to Diona’s shield, Beidou has a shield that can withstand any damage inflicted. Sucrose’s crowd control and Diona’s healing skills can be recharged by Fischl’s skill. 

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Additionally, sucrose can decrease an enemy’s resistance to elements so that they are more susceptible to damage. This team will help you to counter and have a shield at the same time. Diona will be a great help with lots of energy.

Genshin Impact sucrose
Sucrose (YouTube)

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