Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks

Want to play Yun Jin but don’t know much about her? Do not worry. We are here with the Genshin Impact Yun Jin guide with some of the best tips and tricks.

Known throughout Liyue for her plays, Yun Jin is a talented director, playwright, and singer. She enjoys this passion and is committed to extensive lengths to ensure that everyone who attends her performances leaves impressed. In addition to appearing in graceful and refined informal settings, she is also known for her exceptional friendliness. Her plays are inspired by a variety of sources; one of her hobbies is enjoying a wide variety of special drinks, so she can write a play about one if she enjoys it.

While she enjoys her passion, she also appreciates variety; while she works well with the troupe on theater-related issues, she often clashes with them on personal matters because she sees them as too traditional. She watches Xinyan’s performances at least three times a week, no matter how busy she is, because rock ‘n’ roll is one of her favorite genres. Since her elders would be disturbed by her interest in non-traditional music, she tries to keep her visits a secret.

The 21st of May is Yun Jin’s birthday. She stands about 158 cm tall. Jin Yun is a charming, elegant woman, slightly below average in height with a fair complexion. In a hime cut, her jet black hair is styled with purple highlights. There is prominent red makeup on the corners of her eyes, and her eyes are a rich red color. To learn more about her gameplay, read our Genshin Impact Yun Jin guide.

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Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide: Opening Flourish

When you hold this skill, it is most effective. As a shield forms, the character adopts the Opening Flourish stance. DMG Absorption is based on Yun Jin’s maximum HP and has a 150% effectiveness against all physical and elemental attacks.  When she unleashes her Elementskill, the shield lasts until it wears off. Yun Jin releases his skill, ends the skill’s duration, or breaks the shield when it is released, resulting in a powerful attack that deals Geo DMG. Charge level 1 or 2 attacks are unleashed depending on how long it takes to charge.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide: Artifacts

Yun Jin’s optimal results can only be achieved with the Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set. If you assemble a set of artifacts, you’ll receive a bonus that boosts your character’s stats regardless of what you have.

As a result, this set of four artifacts will be able to give Yun Jin an Energy Recharge and increase the defensive stats. Her damage will be boosted for any time she is off the battlefield when she is wearing the Dreams set. The Slumbering Court Domain is the best place to find these artifacts.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin
Yun Jin Singing (YouTube)

Using Elemental bursts should be your priority

The Elemental Skill of Yun Jin is weaker than the skill of characters such as Chongyun and Beidou. However, the Elemental Burst she uses is useful and powerful without boosts. Therefore, you need to prioritize her burst and build it so it will provide great support and damage buffs for your team.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin Guide: Energy recharge

Her downfall is that she drains her energy fast due to her power. By equipping weapons with energy as a substat, you can boost her Energy Recharge stat. She loses a lot of energy after her Elemental Bursts even though they are very powerful and useful. As a result, you should equip Yun Jin with the proper artifacts and weapons to boost her energy recharge. Among her best polearms, Favorius Lance provides a huge buff to Energy Recharge.

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Use defense build

The damage increase of Yun Jin is scaled with the DEF stat. It is best to stack as much DEF as possible to maximize this effect. But some players may still select a damage build regardless. When building her as a primary DPS, ATK/Phys/Crit is the best option. They will, however, not benefit from Yun Jin’s skill and burst, as they scale with DEF. 

Unfortunately, she also has a low ATK base, which makes building her on ATK not that beneficial either. In addition, her damage deals are slow if she is used as a Sub-DPS with DEF/Geo/Crit. She may deal damage with Burst only once per cast.

Genshin Impact Yun Jin
Yun Jin teaching an act (YouTube)
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You can pair Yun Jin with anyone

Geo users tend to have a higher degree of versatility with their teammates’ elements, compared to other elements in Genshin Impact. With Yun Jin, it won’t affect her stats and boosts, so it’s okay to pair her with anyone.

Considering what artifacts and weapons the other members of the team will have is the most critical in building Yun Jin’s team. This is so that she can react and support accordingly. Other than that, she can be placed comfortably with Cryo users, Pyro users, or even Hydro users without any noticeable changes to her stats.

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Yun Jin is not a shielder

Players may assume Yun Jin is a shielder when looking at her Elemental Skill description. However, that isn’t the case. To parry an enemy’s attack, she uses her Skill to create a temporary shield. Because it’s only briefly available, travelers shouldn’t pay much attention to it because it will scale with HP. Despite not leveling up Yun Jin, this talent is still fully functional. Elemental Burst is the key to the opera singer’s kit, so always build her on DEF rather than any other stat.

Yun Jin gameplay
Yun Jin gameplay (YouTube)

Cooking is helpful

Genshin Impact players benefit a lot from Yun Jin’s passive cooking talent. Characters like Yun Jin who have special cooking abilities are needed if you want to make your characters stronger with food. Cooking certain dishes will reward you with bonus portions. Yun Jin sometimes gives you bonus dishes when you cook food.

Dragon’s Bane will not help you

Many of Yun Jin’s official clips feature her wielding the Dragon’s Bane Polearm. Players keep asking if the weapon is good for her. A character’s weapon in a Genshin Impact preview is usually aesthetically pleasing to the character. Although many argue that Dragon’s Bane isn’t a good fit for her. Yun Jin. Yun Jin barely benefits from Elemental Mastery, which is a sub-stat granted by Dragon’s Bane.

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Be careful while teaming her with DPS

Yun Jin is a DPS support who depends on Normal Attacks. If the unit is impacted by the opera singer’s Flying Cloud Flag Formation, a buff generated by Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst, she will increase their damage. The DPS’s hits will deliver more damage over the next 12 seconds after casting, up to 30 triggers. As a result, while teaming Yun Jin with a DPS, players must be careful not to choose units that rely on other types of attacks.

Yun Jin gameplay
Yun Jin gameplay (YouTube)

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