Here is the Genshin Impact Rosaria guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the character even more.

In Mondstadt’s Church of Favonius, Rosaria is a cold-hearted sister with very sharp words. She is Unpredictable as she leaves anytime from the church without notifying anyone about it. It seems that she has some kind of purpose, but no one has learned anything about it till now.

Rosaria is a 24-year-old adult and 176.5cm tall with pale skin. Rosaria wears a nun’s habit, which consists of a white sleeveless turtleneck top, a long white and black coif with a red lining, long white gloves, and a long black and red slit skirt. Her eyes are pale magenta with light pink irises that resemble those of a cat. She wears a serious expression on her face almost all of the time. To know more about Rosaria, read our Genshin Impact Rosaria guide. Get all the details about her best weapon, artifacts, constellations, and more from the guide below.

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Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide: Spear of Worship

Rosaria’s normal attack is the spear of worship. She attacks up to five enemies in normal attack with her polearm. If you use a charge attack, she will dash forward and deal damage to any enemy who comes in her way. However, this will cost you some stamina. While using her plunge attack, she dives to the ground, dealing an AoE damage to all the surrounded enemies.

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide: Elemental Skill

Ravaging Confession is Rosaria’s elemental skill. Rosaria very smoothly shifts herself behind the enemy. After this, with her polearm, she pierces and slashes the enemy that will deal Cryo DMG. However, keep in mind that she cannot go behind larger enemies. 

Genshin Impact Rosaria
Rosaria (YouTube)

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide: Elemental Burst

Rites of Termination is her elemental burst. Rosaria swings her polearm to slash nearby enemies before summoning a cold Ice Lance that lands on the ground, delivering Cryo DMG in both actions. While active, the Ice Lance shoots a burst of cold air, dealing Cryo DMG to all enemies in its path.

Rosaria’s Constellations

  • Unholy Revelation (C1): Her normal attack damage increases by 10% for seconds and attack speed increases by 10% when she deals a CRIT hit.
  • Land Without Promises (C2): The duration of the Ice Lance that is created by the elemental burst is increased by 4 seconds.
  • The Wages Of Sin (C3): The level of Ravaging Confession is increased by 3 and the maximum upgrade level for it is 15.
  • Painful Grace (C4): Rosaria’s five energy is regenerated by Ravaging confession’s CRIT hits. This can only be triggered when the ravaging confession is used.
  • Last Rites (C5): Elemental burst’s level increases by 3. It can be upgraded up to level 15
  • Divine Retribution(C6): The enemy’s physical RES decreases by 20% for 10 seconds when attacked with the elemental burst. 
Rosaria gameplay
GAmeplay (YouTube)

Best Weapon for Rosaria

Dragonspine Spear is one of the best weapon you can choose for Rosaria. This weapon gives high base attack and a physical damage bonus too. There is a 60% chance of dropping an everfrost icicle on top of the enemies because of the Frost Burial perk. This happens whenever Rosaria uses a normal or charged attack. In general, this usually make Rosaria’s attack 80%. In some case, the enemies can take damage around 200% from Rosaria when they are affected by the cryo element. However, this occurs only for ten seconds. By dishing out the cyro based attacks before triggering the effect, you can maximize the damage output.

If you think that Dragonspine Spear is not good for you, you can go for Skyward Spine. This weapon will help Rosaria to use her elemental skill more because it will help her energy to recharge  quickly up to 20%.

Best Artifact for Rosaria

As we know by now that Rosaria’s skill depends on critical hits, therefore, the four piece Berserker is one of the best option for her. Normally, it buffs her critical hit by 12%. However, it additionally increases to 24% when her health is below 70%. If you want to increase the damage, then you can use the Gladiator’s Destiny set. This will increase her attack by 18%. Her normal damage will also be increased by 35%. Combining the Gladiator’s Destiny et with the Martial Artist will increase the normal and charged attack power. 

Passive Talents

Night Walk: This passive talent helps Rosaria by increasing movement speed of party members by 10%. However, this only works at night. It also does not woek in Trounce Domains, or Spiral Abyss.

Extracted Confession: Her critical hit rate is increased by 12% for five seconds when she attacks an enemy from behind with her elemental skill.

Shadow Samaritan: All nearby party members will be buffed with additional critical hit rate when Rosaria uses her elemental burst. The maximu buff it can give to the critical rate is 15%.

Genshin Impact Rosaria gameplay
Rosaria Attacking with her polearm (YouTube)

Best characters to pair with Rosaria

  • Chongyun
  • Barbara
  • Sucrose
  • Kaeya
  • Fischl
  • Diona
  • Albedo

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