Pokemon Unite hidden gems – 7 Pokemon You Never Expected to Be Powerful Carries

What are Pokemon Unite hidden gems? Is there a carry Pokemon? Find out everything.

In Pokemon Unite, the goal is to win battles with the best team comps. To boost your builds, you can utilize battle items and boost emblems. The meta build for every Pokemon is possible with the best in-game battle items. Finding the best tier list is essential for beginners in Pokemon Unite. All 5v5 battles are time-based and you can play in ranked and standard battles with the top-tier Pokemon.

Be it All-Rounders, Attackers or Defenders, every Pokemon needs a supporter and speedster. As you deploy your units in all three lanes on the ground, you have to assign them in their best positions. Some Pokemon can inflict heavy damage and overcome battles single-handedly. These are known as carry Pokemon. Carry Pokemon is one of the best hidden gems in Pokemon Unite to progress faster.

Players in Pokemon Unite can find success with the best teams and strategies. Some hidden mechanics help you tackle challenges and increase your rank levels. With the best carry Pokemon, you can dominate the game. Pokemon in each role has a carry unit. Mastering the ranked battles in solo queue needs the best carries of Pokemon Unite. Here are top 7 carry Pokemon to use in Pokemon Unite ranked leagues,

Pokemon Unite Hidden Gems – 7 Best Carries


A top defender in the game with the best moves and held items. Trevenant has received multiple buffs and the stats have been increased. With the best build, Trevenant will showcase its full prowess in the ranked leagues.


With high offensive stats and increased scoring rate, the potential of Lucario is higher in solo queue. Lucario is easily one of the best off meta picks and carries in the current season of Pokemon Unite.


Dragonite remains lethal even after a couple of nerfs. The Draco Impact and Dragon Dance moves boost its skills. The Twister skill suits its playing style and deals massive damage. On its day, Dragonite wins battles easily and will prove itself as the best carry Pokemon in the game.


Known as the best supporter, Wigglytuff plays the dps role as well. With top-tier skills and battle items , you can dominate the solo queue with Wigglytuff as your carry Pokemon.


To dominate the solo queues in Pokemon Unite, you have to use the best speedsters. These units score goals and boost your chances of winning. Talonflame has gotten several upgrades and you can use its special abilities. Talonflame is often hailed as the best carry Pokemon in the game.


Pokemon Unite hidden gems

Reaching the Master rank in Pokemon Unite global leaderboard charts is a dream for many. But with strong attackers like Pikachu, you can dominate in the solo queue with the special skills. Pikachu plays well in the top lane and with moves like Thunderstorm and Thunder Shock, the Pokemon does the carry job well.


Sylveon is another powerful attacker that has an excellent winning rate in solo queue. Dominating the ranked battles of Pokemon Unite in solo is an uphill task for players. But with a strong ranged attacker, your chances will only become higher. Sylveon has powerful buffs and you can use its top battle items for the solo match.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite carry units, hidden gems and strategies. These Pokemon Unite streamers and Youtubers provide the best gameplay tips and strategies for beginners.


Who are Some Surprising Pokemon Unite Carries?

In Pokemon Unite, there are many underrated carries. The most surprising carry Pokemon are Venusaur and Sylveon.

Can Mewtwo be a Carry Pokemon?

Yes, Mewtwo can become a carry in ranked leagues and you have to find its best moves and held items to get the best build.

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