How to easily farm Palworld beautiful flowers? How to use beautiful flowers? Find out everything.

Whenever a new Palworld arrives, players can farm items with a better drop rate. The Palworld patch update launched many gameplay changes and new content. Players can farm resources in the wildlife with pals at a high rate. Beautiful Flower is a common ingredient in Palworld and this is used to craft resources, consumable items and potions. Using these resources are secrets to progress in the campaign.

Beautiful flowers can be obtained in multiple ways. Players can tame a Pal or explore the open world dungeons as well. Beautiful flowers will be a valuable addition as you can sell these ingredients to the wandering merchants. Though there are multiple ways, you have to find the best spots to craft Beautiful Flowers. Here’s all about Palworld beautiful flower locations, uses and more.

Best Ways to Get Palworld Beautiful Flowers 

Palworld beautiful flowers
Beautiful Flowers

You can get Palworld beautiful flowers by hunting pals and exploring the wildlife sanctuary. Here are the best ways to get beautiful flowers on Palpagos Island,

  • Ribbuny – Defeating this Neutral-type pal is one of the best ways to collect Beautiful Flowers as drops. Ravine Grotto, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Ice Wind Island, and Eastern Wild Island are the best spots to find this Pal.
  • Petallia – The grass-type Pal spawns south of the Wildlife Sanctuary 1. Petallia is not an aggressive pal and you can easily beat this and collect the ingredient
  • Lyleen – Lyleen is another Grass-type Pal that drops Beautiful Flowers. You can find this floral pal in the Wildlife Sanctuary 3. Lyleen spawns everywhere in the northeastern corner of the map
  • Lyleen Noct – You can find Lyleen Noct as a field Alpha boss pal in the Iceberg Mineshaft. The Dark-type pal drops beautiful flowers and other top-tier respiratory as well
  • Wumpo – The ice element Pal is mostly found in Sacred Mountain Cavern and other spots in the Tundra region. Wumpo is aggresive and it also drops Ice Organs
  • Wumpo Botan – Wumpo Botan is a Grass-type Pal and it’s located in Mount Obsidian, No.2 Wildlife sanctuary and  Eastern Wild Island. Palworld players can get Beautiful Flowers, Lettuce Seeds and Tomato Seeds from this Pal.
  • Gumoss – Gumoss can be found in Grassy Behemoth Hills Marsh island and Forgotten island. The Grass and Ground pal will be mostly seen during the night and you can only get these drops with pals that have red flowers.

What’s the Use of Palworld Beautiful Flowers?

Beautiful Flower is a primary ingredient for many resources and equipment in Palworld. Here’s what you can do with beautiful flowers,

  • Strange Juice – An energetic consumable drink and it boosts your Pals’ working speed. Once you consume strange Juice, the SAN speed will also reduce. To craft Strange Juice, you have to collect Pal Fluids, Horn and Bone.
  • Flower Bed – Flower Bed is made using Beautiful Flowers, Wood, Stone and Cement. This technology level 24 structure enhances gathering speed
  • Wumpo Botan Saddle – Wumpo Botan, the rideable mount pal, uses this key saddle item to complete transportation. Beautiful Flower is one of the required ingredients to craft this structure
  • Suspicious Juice – Suspicious Juice is crafted with beautiful flowers. This consumable potion boosts the mood and working speed for pals

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to get and use Palworld beautiful flowers. Treasure chests spawn in every area after the new Palworld update and you can find more gold keys as well.


Are Alpha Pals Stronger in Palworld?

Palworld Alpha pals are legendary pals. To beat these boss pals, you can join with a friend or use the strongest equipment along with the best pals. Beating alpha pals is challenging and you will be able to farm rare resources after defeating them.

Is It Essential to Unlock Higher Tiers in the Tech Tree?

Yes, the Palworld tech tree features important resources, equipment and materials. With technology points and xp, you can reach higher levels in the tech tree. The tech tree helps you unlock new weapons. Completing dungeons is another best way to progress in the tech tree.

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