Pokemon Unite Aegislash Build: Guide for Crushing the Competition

Is Aegislash the strongest all-rounder in Pokemon Unite with the best build? Find out the top-tier skills and battle items for this Pokemon.

In Pokemon Unite, every unit has a different role. There are top-tier All-Rounders and Attackers. You can utilize the best speedsters and defenders and score goals effectively. Aegislash is a fiery all-rounder that excels in melee battles and it also has some excellent battle items.

Aegislash comes with a sword on its hand and moves faster. The Pokemon also has great offensive stats and excellent scoring rate. Aegislash weaknesses are defense and support. But with the best builds and team combinations, you can dominate matches with Aegislash. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Aegislash build, best moves, battle items and counters.

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Moves

Pokemon Unite Aegislash build
  • Stance Change – The Pokemon can switch between blade and shield forme. While Aegislash plays in these forms, it gets boosted Attack, Movement Speed and Defense throughout the battle
  • Shadow Sneak – Casts a shadow and deals damage to nearby units. Shadow Sneak deals heavy damage and you can dominate the battle
  • Sacred Sword – Thrust the blade on the ground and create a triangular zone in the path. The hidden powers inside the triangle zone will target enemies in the area of effect and throw them. The boost count for the Pokemon will increase as well
  • Shadow Claw – Slash the targets with the blade twice and inflict heavy damage to enemies in its radius
  • Iron Defense – Envelops the user in a powerful protective force till the Pokemon blocks and attacks them quickly
  • Wide Guard – Focuses on a path and deals damage to targets. The skill also grants a great shield and lets the unit shove targets. It will also reduce the movement speed for enemies 
  • Iron Head – The Pokemon barrels through targets and attacks harder with an increased boost count.
  • Coupe de Grace – The unite move eleases a ground splitting slash and attacks nearby units. The boost count increases once you eliminate a Pokemon

What are the strongest Battle Items for Aegislash?

Pokemon Unite Aegislash build

Battle items grant bonus effects and increase stats to Pokemon. You can use these battle items for Aegislash,

  • Slow Smoke – Creates cloud smoke effects and reduces the mobility for opposing Pokemon. This is one of the best battle items for Aegislash Pokemon
  • Potion – This battle item will retrieve some portion of Aegislash’s HP whenever it loses health in raids

Best Held Items for Aegislash 

You can use three held items for a battle. The recommended held items for Aegislash are,

  • Focus Band – Aegislash has a poor defense and this held item boosts the survival rate in battles. Focus Band grants +30 Def and Sp. Def 
  • Buddy Barrier – Use the Unite Move to unlock a shield. The Buddy Barrier item grants +600 HP to Aegislash and it also provides a shield for other allies
  • Assault Vest – This grants a shield to Aegislash against Sp. ATK Damage while the Pokemon is out of combat. Both hp and Sp. Def will be boosted

What’s the best Lane for Aegislash?

Pokemon Unite is a strategy game and players have to find the best strategies for each Pokemon. Finding the best lanes is important as every Pokemon plays their best in a lane. An all-rounder like Aegislash will be ideal for the jungle and bottom lane. Aegislash is a good jungler and can be utilized effectively at the mid or central lane. It’s also one of the strongest carries in the game.

Pokemon Unite Aegislash Counters

Aegislash Best Counters – Dodrio, Mewtwo, Eldegoss, Greedent, Comfey, Dragapult 

Aegislash Poor Counters – Sylveon, Greninja, Zoroark, Buzzwole, Glaceon, Mew, Pikachu

Is Aegislash a Good Counter for Ranked Mode?

In Pokemon Unite ranked leagues, you have to utilize the best Pokemon to reach the master rank. With Aegislash, you can dominate the meta using its strongest build and increase your ranks and levels in the global leaderboard charts of Pokemon Unite.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Aegislash build, moves, counters and lanes.


Does Choosing a Wrong Lane Affect a Pokemon’s Success?

Yes, Pokemon Unite is a strategy-based moba game. A Pokemon’s movement, control and attacks are all crucial for your success. It’s recommended that you choose the best paths and right lanes for every unit. You can choose an ideal lane for every Pokemon before the battle begins.

Does Pokemon Unite Tier List Help?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

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