Is Rennala troubling you? Do not worry, our guide will tell you how to beat Rennala Queen of Full Moon in Elden Ring.

Rennala, the full moon’s queen, is in the Raya Lucaria Academy, one of Elden Ring’s most important locations. Rennala is not very difficult to beat. However, due to the two phases in her fight, it could be a little trouble for you. In Elden Ring, she is the first boss with two distinct phases. You need to have some patience in order to beat this boss. But how to beat Rennala, Queen of Full Moon? The answer is in our guide. Read our guide carefully that will give you some tips to win this battle.

fight gameplay
Fight Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Rennala Queen of Full Moon: Phase one

The first phase is quite easy as Rennala will be floating in the air and summoning her minions. One of the minions will create a strong barrier around the boss, you will have to find and defeat it. This won’t be so hard as that minion will be having a golden glow around it, throwing magical books at you. One more way you can find them is by listening. There will be a lullaby that you can hear once you reach closer to them. 

When you find and hit the golden minion, Rennala will transfer all that power to the other minion. This will happen three times, which means you will have to hit three golden minions for Rennala to fall on the floor. Therefore, this will result in her losing her shield. Now take advantage of the situation and attack as much as possible. This is the only thing you need to do repeatedly during the first phase. 

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Attack the boss when she falls down
Attack the boss when she falls down (YouTube)

How to Beat Rennala Queen of Full Moon: Phase two

Before phase two begins, it is recommended to use your Ashes and summon an ally. The three wolves can be the best option to attack Rennala from a close distance. When phase two starts, Rennala will shoot a light beam at you. All you need to do is a dodge. Try to get close to her and attack her quickly. 

Rennala will throw some magic attacks at you like icy crystals and magic spears. You just need to learn the attack timings and dodge them whenever they come to attack you. She will also use a green burst of magic that will follow you around to hit you. Do not take this attack lightly because it can kill you once in contact. Dodge to any side and start running before Rennala uses this attack. When Rennala reaches half of her health, she will start summoning giant creatures such as dragons and golems. 

Therefore, you will have to end the fight very quickly as facing these creatures altogether might not be possible for you. To avoid the summons, just run away, and do not even try to fight them because this will be death for you. Just run away till they disappear on their own and then go back to Rennala to defeat her. Do not give her another chance to summon the creatures again. Rennala is weak to bleeding. Therefore, use bleed attacks. This will reduce her health very quickly and will help you to beat Rennala Queen of Full Moon. 

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Defeating Rennala Rennala Queen of Full Moon
Defeating Rennala (YouTube)
  • Rewards for beating Rennala will be:
  • 40,000 Runes.
  • Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, and Great Rune of the Unborn.
  • Rennala’s Full Moon spell or the Carian Regal Scepter can be exchanged for Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen with Enia in Roundtable Hold.

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