We have brought you the Riverbond guide with lots of tips and tricks for beginners. Follow the guide and have a smooth gaming experience.

This easy and fun game needs you to shoot and slash dungeon crawler. In Riverbond, you have to rid the world of evil. Do it alone, or with your friends, it is up to you. This is a fun game that you can play alone or with friends. But how and what to do? You will find everything in our Riverbond guide with some of the best tips and tricks. 

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Riverbond Guide: Chests

You’ll always start with the standard sword and gun because weapons aren’t swapped between adventures. Here comes the chest to help you. Chests, which can hold either a skin or a weapon, can be found throughout the levels as well. However, you should make every effort to open each chest because certain weapons are definitely stronger than others. 

Riverbond Guide: Enemies and breakables

Enemies and breakables can reward you with many things. They frequently drop healing potions. As a result, keep an eye out for them to help you live longer. You’ll also receive coins or gems, but they have no effect on your accomplishment progress, so do not worry about gathering them.

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You cannot save in mid-game

This might be a problem for you. It is not possible for you to save your game in the middle of an adventure. The option will be available only when you complete the adventure by defeating the boss. If you quit the game in between, you will have to start the adventure all over again.

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Chicken eggs quest

In this quest, you have to collect chicken eggs. You can drop the bridge by shooting a blue pedestal across the gap. You can use lilypads to jump out of the water if you fall in. In order to continue through the level of collecting the chicken eggs, you will need to kill about 10 more turkeys with your sword. You can find a star just up from the next bridge after crossing it. 

You will unlock the achievement called steel yourself once you have killed 20 turkeys with your sword. Then switch to a Lollipop to work on club kills. You can get skin from a chest near the lighthouse. Complete the quest by collecting the seven chicken eggs, then drop down to the dock and enter the boat to move on to the next level.

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So this was one of the quest that we explained to you. There are many more you have to complete. Follow this guide and enjoy your game. It is an easy game so these tips will be just fine for you to play further.

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