Here is the complete guide to the Oblivion Isle, mokoko seeds, and much more that you need to know about the Lost Ark.

If you kill the field boss Sea God Aporas, you will obtain the Oblivion’s Isle Token by RNG. According to the Sea God Aporas’ Eye Compass schedule, it spawns when necessary. A tree of aporas spawns on the map at the start of the game, and the boss is invincible at first. Before the invincibility buff wears off, you must destroy all Trees of Aporas.

Below is everything you need to know about Oblivion Isle, island tokens, and mokoko seeds in Lost Ark.

Oblivion Isle Mokoko Seeds
Sea God Aporas Map (YouTube)
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Oblivion Isle

You will need to kill the Boss in the center of Oblivion’s Valley in order to receive the Island Token. As the Boss is invulnerable at the beginning of the fight, you must destroy three bushes around him to kill him.

Oblivion Valley

Oblivion’s Valley is located amid treacherous seas; do not attempt to swim to the island before it appears. You can earn 2 mokokos outside the map by finding 5 mokoko seeds on the island. Kill the monster, then walk to the location shown on the map and smash the circular stone preventing the mokoko seeds’ entry. 

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Moroko Seeds

Collect Mokoko seeds
Collecting Mokoko Seeds (YouTube)

The initial mokoko seeds from the Lost Ark are simple to come by. You most likely found one in Prideholme, either behind the view tree or near Neria’s Tavern. You picked it up, cheerful music played, and you earned some experience points.

Even though they resemble a green fruit, perhaps a pear, there’s a reason you can’t eat them and why the head of Mokoko Village is so keen to have them back. When the enormous Tortoyk sneezed, the seeds, which are baby mokokos, were strewn all over the planet. That’s what the mokokos believe, at least.

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What are the rewards?

Every mokoko seed you collect earns you 180 roster XP in addition to emitting a pleasant perfume. By hitting O, you may see your current roster level and receive any benefits you’ve earned for upgrading it. Consider the roster level as an investment in the future for every character you have on a server. Because you’ve picked up mokoko seeds, your alts will be beefier, and seeds won’t be grabbed by your secondary characters again.

Lost Ark Gameplay
Collecting Mokoko Seeds (YouTube)

You’ll encounter Totoma shortly after leaving Lost Ark’s initial continent, at the quite quaint Mokoko Village on the island of Tortoyk. He’s the mokoko seed reward seller, and he’ll offer you items like virtue and stat-boosting potions, blueprints for the Eurus, and more crew for your ships. 

You’ll obtain cosmetics that convert you into a walking egg or allow you to find your final form as a mokoko seed along with everything else. When you acquire these prizes, you don’t lose any mokoko seeds; instead of paying seeds to buy them, you unlock them as you progress through each tier.

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