We have brought you a guide on how to beat the Guardian Ape in Sekiro. Follow our guide carefully and defeat this boss.

The Lotus of the Palace is guarded by the Guardian Ape, an immortal creature in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It has white fur with a vertical crimson scar from the top of its head to the left cheek, passing through its left eye. The Ape’s hands and feet have enormous, sharp claws. Ape’s buttocks are not covered in fur. A massive nodachi-style weapon runs through the beast’s neck, which is noticeable.

Bosses, such as the Guardian Ape, are unique and hazardous Enemies that, when destroyed, display a particular message on-screen, such as “Shinobi Execution.” To beat them, you’ll need to land many Deathblows on them, and filling their Posture Gauge, as well as reducing their health, is one way to do it. As their health deteriorates, their Posture Gauge will refill more slowly, supporting you in completing your task. Our guide will teach you how to beat the Guardian Ape.

The guardian Ape gameplay
The Guardian Ape
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Two Phases

The Guardian Ape can’t stop any of your assaults and has two stages. This isn’t to say he’s a pushover; he spends a lot of time swinging his lengthy arms or rolling about in an attempt to crush you, so you’ll have to be fast to parry or evade his assaults. Firecrackers can be beneficial in the early part of the fight to shock him, but the second phase will demand a lot of patience as he learns a whole new set of moves.

How to Beat the Guardian Ape: Phase 1

Phase one of the Guardian Ape in Sekiro
First phase of the guardian ape (YouTube)

Staying close to the Guardian Ape and baiting it into attacking is the key to this phase. Because the great majority of its strikes are blockable, you should defend and wait for its combinations to finish before striking. While not difficult, deciphering the combinations might be challenging at first.

Be aware of its body slam assault, which involves it jumping on its back and thrashing the ground. When it does this, try to avoid colliding with its arms and hitting its skull. Its unblockable hand swipe grab and body slam grab are the most threatening strikes in this phase. Simply hop to escape the hand swipe grab; duck as it jumps to avoid the body slam grab.

A toxic poo is another violent attack that, when thrown, inflicts huge damage as well as immediate poison status. However, because it hops high before throwing the excrement, this move is fairly obvious; simply rush underneath as it jumps and retaliates, as its recovery time from this strike is rather long. It also possesses a fart attack that is frequently employed when Sekiro is around; while this does not inflict instant poison, it does significantly fill the poison status bar.

It is possible that the Guardian Ape will sometimes jump back and roar. As a result, Sekiro is prompted to use the Grappling Hook, closing the gap and causing a short stagger. Furthermore, the Shinobi Firecracker is able to temporarily stun a Guardian Ape, since it is a beast-type. Flame Vents also have an excellent effect, inflicting flame status and potentially knocking the flame down.

How to Beat the Guardian Ape: Phase 2

Headless Ape
Second phase of the guardian ape (YouTube)

The attacks of this phase will be much easier to deflect, and they will cause significantly more posture damage than the previous phase. You should concentrate on deflecting attacks during this phase. As its attacks are longer-ranged, it is advised to stay away from the Guardian Ape. If you are trying to deflect an attack, move in only when its health is low so that posture can be built up.

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Keep an eye out for its broad sword swipes. Continue to attack it for only a short time. Attack it multiple times after it has completed a few combinations, then retreat. This ape’s attack is well-planned, as it rushes forward and swipes the ground while dropping flat on its stomach, leaving it defenseless. Take advantage of this by jumping over it and attacking it while in the air, then finishing with a complete combination.

Another strike that may be used is the Guardian Ape’s enormous overhead attack, which can be deflected; if deflected, it inflicts a massive stagger, allowing for a short flurry of blows before the Guardian Ape recovers. Also, when it’s down, striking its neck with the Loaded Spear will enable you to take out a centipede and deal tremendous posture damage.

The most dangerous attack

How to beat the Guardian Ape
Get up on the Ape and strike it (YouTube)

An attack that fills up the terror meter is a battle roar, which causes shockwaves to erupt. It can therefore instantly kill Sekiro by inflicting Terror status. In spite of the Lilac Umbrella’s focus on terror build-up, any Loaded Umbrella will negate the scream. As Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella contains Divine Confetti, the slash is temporarily buffed with a buff when used with Projected Force. Any other buff you have on your sword, such as actual Divine Confetti or Living Force, will be canceled out by this buff.

The Shinobi Firecracker has no effect on the Guardian Ape during this phase since it transforms from a beast to an apparition. The Flame Vent is still efficient in inducing flame status, but it does not extinguish it. Holding down the run button and kiting the ape around the arena is a lengthy but safe tactic. Leap over the ape and swing three times as it descends. 

Start racing away from the ape as soon as you touch the ground. By remaining patient, keeping your distance, and attacking only when there’s an opening, you will soon defeat this boss.

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