How to Increase Item Level in Lost Ark

Don’t know how to increase item level in Lost Ark? Do not worry, as we are here with a guide to help you increase the item level.

Finding and equipping your character with the greatest gear available is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any RPG. Lost Ark is no exception, although it does have several unique elements that beginning players may find difficult to grasp.

When you achieve level 50 in Lost Ark, you’ll have access to a massive endgame experience. Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, island tasks, and much more are all waiting to be discovered. However, before you start any of these tasks, make sure your item level matches the topic you’re dealing with. So, below is a guide on how to increase item level in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark's Market
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What is Item Level

The objects you uncover in Lost Ark have a level attached to them, referred to as “item level” or “ilvl,” much like your character. In the endgame grind, increasing your item level is a basic yet vital part. All weapons and equipment you gain in Raiders of the Lost Ark have an item level. 

This number determines how powerful your character is and what kind of endgame stuff they can access. The more activities your character can undertake and the higher content levels you can clear, the greater their total item level is. To access the majority of Lost Ark’s endgame content, you must boost this number once you reach level 50.

Items have a very low item level when they first appear. When you approach the endgame in Lost Ark, you’ll earn things with greater item levels, which will provide your character with more powerful stats and even ability-centric enhancements. The first breakpoint for conquering Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids is about 250 item level in the endgame. You’ll be able to boost your item level above 1,000 and unlock T3 content, which is presently Lost Ark’s most difficult offering, thanks to the honing system and endgame prizes.

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How to Increase Item Level

Gear Honing process to increase item level
Gear Honing (YouTube)

Honing your gear will be your primary source of item leveling. To obtain your first set of gear, you’ll need to finish a couple of Chaos Dungeon runs when you reach level 50. With that equipment, you’ll want to talk with a honing dealer in your town’s crafting area. It may be found near the southern end of the castle center in Vern. When it comes to honing an item, you’ll need three resources to get started.

  • Stone Fragments
  • Harmony Leapstones
  • Harmony Shards

The sort of Stone Fragments you’ll require will be determined by the object you’re trying to improve. Destruction Stones are used by weapons, whereas Guardian Stones are used by armor. All weapons and armor are made of Harmony Leapstones and Shards. The material kinds will alter as you get to T2 and T3 content. Stone Fragments will revert to Stones, Harmony Shards to Life Shards, and so forth. When you clear content at your character’s maximum item level, you’ll get the right upgrade materials for honing your gear.

You’ll notice an “upgrade” button under a percentage orb when you first access the honing UI. This orb indicates the likelihood that your update will be successful. Yes, improving your equipment has a probability of failing and consuming all of your resources. Only the resources you used will be destroyed if you fail to honing the object you want to enhance. Failing also increases your chances of a successful honing system, as shown by the Artisan’s Energy of that item.

Invest in Harmony Shards

You’ll need to invest Harmony Shards to improve your chances. For the first several layers of sharpening, investing the maximum amount will ensure a successful improvement. However, once you’ve completed a set amount of upgrades, you won’t be able to upgrade again—even if you put all of your Harmony Shards into it. 

Additional sharpening materials are used in this situation. Items like Star’s Breath can increase your honing success rate, even more, lessening your chances of failing your upgrade attempt. Items can reach +20 ranks before needing to be completely replaced, however, most people update their gear at +15. Keep your upgraded gear prepared for gear transferring even if this happens.

How to Increase Item Level: Acquire Honing Materials

Honing and special materials to increase item level
Honing and Special Materials (YouTube)

Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons are where you can find honing materials. By clearing both of these activities each day, you will be able to get a decent amount of honing materials. If you are still a beginner, we recommend completing island quests to acquire honing materials. These quests provide you with hundreds of Stone Fragments, so you definitely need to do them. 

You can view the rewards for each island from the Lost Ark community’s excellent resource here. You should start by clearing Glacier Island and as much of Shadow Island as you can. The materials given should be sufficient to get you to an ilvl of 400+. You will need to clear the Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid daily after completing these island quests.

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How to Increase Item Level: Gear Transfer System

the gear transfer system in lost ark
Gear Transfer (YouTube)

When you play Lost Ark, you will find better items. A better option might become available after you have invested thousands of dollars into upgrading an item. With the gear transfer system, you can use an item’s upgrades to upgrade another, allowing you to upgrade your gear without having to worry about your item level dropping.

How to use Gear Transfer System?

  • Pay a visit to the local sharpening shop in your town.
  • At the bottom of the dialogue menu, select the “gear transfer” tab.
  • Choose the item you’d want to upgrade.
  • Select an updated item that is compatible.
  • Transfer the levels to your superior item while destroying the upgraded item.

You can make much better gear from Abyssal Dungeons when you start doing them. Gear Transfer will be a very useful tool when you start using them. 

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