Genshin Impact Fischl Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks

Here is the Genshin Impact Fischl guide with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you understand the character even more.

Fischl is notable for her ability to call Oz, her bird, as well as her use of fantastical speech. Fischl also has a distinct design from the rest of Mondstadt, and for a long time, Fischl was thought to be an S-tier character.

Fischl is unlike any other character in the game when it comes to gameplay. Her agility and usefulness, along with an epic elemental blast, allow her to outsmart her foes. She’s a character that’s rather simple to grasp, but there are a number of intricacies that can boost her damage ceiling and carry potential. Our Genshin Impact Fischl guide will help you know more about her.

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Fischl is Best Against Bosses

Fischl excels when faced with ruin guards or bosses that she can fight with her bow from afar. As a result, she can defeat other archers and practically all elemental bosses, except the Oceanid, who attacks with a combination of monsters. 

Fischl should be paired with another character whose elemental talent draws the opponent’s attention if used as a primary character. This allows her to charge her arrows and unleash devastating electrical damage. For players who enjoy playing with combinations, Ganyu and Fischl might be a potent pairing.

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Oz is an outstanding help

Fischl's oz is very useful
Fischl gameplay (YouTube)

Whether Fischl is on the battlefield or not, her elemental talent will remain active. As a result, many players consider Fischl to be their primary support. Oz deals continuous Electro damage and is ideal for use just before a burst. Combining attacks with Oz can help characters like Diluc a lot. Hydro catalysts love Oz because they can attack in combination with the bird to deliver more damage.

Another important aspect of playing as Fischl is shooting Oz with a charged shot, which most players appear to be unaware of. Fischl’s passive ability, Stellar Predator, causes him to unleash an AoE attack equivalent to 152.7 percent of the charged arrows’ attack power when he hits OZ with a charged arrow. This is useful when utilizing Baron Bunny or one of Ganyu’s lotuses to gather foes. It is recommended that players practice this shot on a few weaker hilichurls before entering any larger fights.

Genshin Impact Fischl Guide: The Ultimate 

Depending on the circumstances, Fischl’s elemental burst can serve a variety of purposes. Among its functions are repositioning, closing distance, resetting Oz, and dealing area of effect electro damage. Ideally, you should try to coordinate your ultimate and elemental skills as much as possible. 

As a result, your night raven will do more damage in a fight when Oz is on the field for longer. Her ultimate can also save you from exhaustion when your stamina runs out. Due to the nature of kiting, Fischl spends most of his time running out of stamina. Having quick movement allows you to get out of dodge, gain distance, and reset the state of a fight with this ult.

Genshin Impact Fischl Guide: Manage your ultimate

The ultimate is the key
Fischl gameplay (YouTube)

Ensure that you manage your ultimate well. In addition to having the lowest base defense in the game, Fischl is also very risky to use offensively. It is important to understand that your movement speed does not change with your level of progress. The game will not allow you to climb over terrain or pass through units.

Keep Moving

For those unfamiliar with the phrase, kiting refers to attacking while continually moving away from the adversary while keeping inside your character’s maximum range. When playing Fischl, this is an extremely crucial skill. If you’re not attacking, you should be moving the majority of the time. It’s also OK to interrupt your combo to avoid an oncoming attack or to take a break from hitting to create distance between the foes.

Anticipate the Attacks

It is essential to be proactive in your movements and anticipate the sort of attack that may occur. To do so, one must first learn the enemy’s individual patterns and habits, as well as how to space correctly. If you execute this right, you will be able to stay on Fischl for extended periods of time without having to swap out when your HP is low.

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Fischl can see the weak points

Some foes have particular weak areas that only a few characters in the game can exploit. The ruin guardians, ruin hunters, and Regisvines are particularly notable. Fischl’s targeted shot allows you to target certain vulnerabilities and cripple enemies for an extended period of time. You can circulate across your team and do a tonne of damage during this period.

Thundering Fury is the best Artifact

Best artifact for Fischl in genshin impact
Fischl’s artifacts (YouTube)

Overload, electro-charged, and superconduct damage are increased by 40% using Thundering Fury. The duration of the elemental skill’s cooldown is also decreased by one second when these effects are triggered. The effect occurs only every 0.8 seconds.

Genshin Impact Fischl Guide: Patterns

As an enabler, Fischl is a pretty simple role to play. Simply summon Oz, preferably on top of foes, then swap to another character and let the raven back you up, adding elemental DMG. Remember that if you’ve unlocked Lightning Smite, you can unleash Thundering Retribution damage when you generate an Electro elemental reaction!

It’s a little different for DPS. Your goal is to keep Oz away from your main target for as long as possible. This entails calling him on your enemies and then maneuvering him about to keep him near to the victim.

Do not overlap Fischl’s abilities

You can re-summon Oz using Midnight Phantasmagoria when Nightrider is ready to timeout to keep him awake as long as possible. You only have roughly 3 seconds without Oz on the field before you may use Fischl’s Elemental Skill again if you time it correctly. Keep a mind that her powers should not be overlapping!

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