Lost Ark Boss Rush – A Complete Guide

We have brought you the Lost Ark Boss Rush guide. From strategies to rewards, you will get to know everything.

Boss Rush is a tough mode in which you must destroy bosses one after another in levels while staying under a time constraint. In Lost Ark, you may play Boss Rush single or with a group of up to four people.

You can’t modify your Skills, Combat Items, or Equipment after you enter Boss Rush mode and leave the battle waiting area, so make sure you’re ready before you start. You can’t use potions either, but if a member of your group dies, you can revive them after a short delay.

Lost Ark Boss Rush
Boss Rush Gameplay (YouTube)
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Lost Ark Boss Rush Guide

Boss Rush is a Lost Ark endgame action that starts during Tier 2 level and continues afterwards. It pits you against 15 waves of difficult monsters scattered around Arkesia. Completing them will provide you with important gems and resources for your character’s advancement. 

To go into Boss Rush, you’ll need an Entrance Ticket. These drop from Tier 2 onwards by fighting the 2nd floor boss in your daily Chaos Dungeon entry. Each week, you can also trade Sylmael Bloodstones for Ticket Chests at the Guild Vendor. Go to the entrance once you’ve received a ticket. To choose who you want to play with, you may go alone, auto-match, or search/create a lobby. 

Include a Bard, Paladin, or Gunlancer in your company since their supporting skills will dramatically increase your chances of survival! Damage dealers should fill the remaining spaces. Please keep in mind that Entrance Tickets may only be obtained through runs that include daily energy! There are a total of 15 continuous waves of bosses to overcome. With each stage level, the number of bosses you face, the time limit, and the prizes rise.

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Lost Ark Boss Rush Guide: Time limit and Rewards

Time limit in Lost Ark Boss Rush
Boss Rush Gameplay (YouTube)

When your timer is about to expire, you lose the time bonus award for that stage (20 seconds or fewer). You also acquire a boost that enhances your Attack Speed by 30% and protects you from Push and Crowd Control. Complete as soon as possible! When the timer runs out, the attempt is completed, and you are awarded for the steps you’ve completed up to that point.

To get the most prizes, you must complete all 15 waves and receive their time bonus award. Every few steps, the prizes improve and include more resources as well as a chance for a Masterpiece. Gems collected here can be sold on the Auction House or utilized to advance your character.

Lost Ark Boss Rush Guide: Strategy

Strategy for Boss Rush
Boss Rush Gameplay (YouTube)

Stages 1-4 always place the boss in the middle of the arena, stages 5-9 place a second boss in the top right, and stages 10-15 place a third boss in the bottom left. Apart from understanding what each boss does, the most efficient approach to beat Boss Rush is to use numerous Bleed skill runes in abilities that have lingering effects or have a short cooldown. Use whatever rarity you have on hand at the time.

  • Save your Awakening talent for level 15, as clearing it without it may be challenging.
  • To shorten the time, it takes to destroy several bosses, use your most powerful strikes on them all at once.
  • Increase your odds of success by using fight equipment like Flame Grenade, Dark Grenade, or Taunting Scarecrow.
  • In later stages, avoid dying, since respawn periods get quite long.

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