Who does not want gold in the game? Every Lost Ark player will look for more golds. Here is the best way to get gold in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark gold is mostly utilized as a medium of exchange between players, but it also feeds into some of the game’s item upgrading mechanisms. It’s one of seven currencies shared by all characters on a player’s account, and it’s a lot rarer than silver, the basic free in-game currency.

There is a tax that must be paid when trading gold between players. This is also true when purchasing or selling items in the in-game auction house, which normally costs gold. Gold may also be used to decorate a player’s private residence or converted into premium money such as blue crystals. Below is a guide that will show you the best way to get gold in Lost Ark.

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Best Way to get Lost Ark Gold:

Una Tokens

Get Una Tokens by logging in regularly and completing your daily and weekly tasks. The progress bar will fill up when these are available on the left side. Then take the gold caskets and other rewards to any major town’s Gold Merchant to obtain Gold currency.

  • You can obtain a Gold Pouch for 80 Una tokens, which is worth at least 200 gold.
  • You can receive a Gold Chest for 200 Una tokens, which is worth at least 600 gold.
  • Furthermore, you can obtain a Gold Casket for 500 Una tokens, which is worth at least 1,250 gold.

Life Skills

Items can also be crafted with resources obtained from life skills such as mining and herbalism. You can then sell it at the auction house. If more players enter the game, the price is likely to fluctuate based on what is in high demand.

Lost Ark Gold
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

Crafting and Rapport

Selling player-crafted things, like in most MMOs, can also help you in earning gold. If you build rapport with any NPCs, you will receive one-time gold prizes of varying quantities.

Gateway maps and Adventure Islands

Completing a gateway map for a gateway earns gold prizes and is linked to co-op Voyage Missions.

You may go on every day excursions to adventure islands. Although not all adventure islands feature gold prizes, you can obtain gold based on your item level.


Lost Ark Gold
Lost Ark (Image credit: YouTube)

For a handful of reasons, Chaos Raids are well worth your effort to finish. Some feature hidden areas where you may pilfer treasures and subsequently sell them at an auction. There’s also the possibility that you’ll receive tickets for special Ticketed Events. Completing them unlocks the opportunity to earn Combat Books, which sell for a high price at the auction house.

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