Here is a complete guide on how to beat Riddle School 3. Follow every step guided by us to complete the chapter.

Using your browser, you can play Riddle School 3 as a short graphic adventure. In the story, one student faces the consequences of his daring attempt to escape from school so he can experience the freedom that awaits beyond those brick walls. From start to finish, this walkthrough will make sure that you don’t miss anything important.

Below is a complete guide on how to beat Riddle School 3. Follow the steps and complete the chapter easily.

How to beat Riddle School 3
Riddle School intro (YouTube)
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How to Beat Riddle School 3: Leave the Classroom

As the game begins, your first priority is to exit the classroom you’re in. You’re sitting in the left-hand corner of the room, with a ruler on your desk. Mr. Soggy, your instructor, is on the right side of the room, and there are a few other pupils who are trying to concentrate. To add the ruler to your inventory, click on it, and then look at the teacher’s desk. 

There is a globe positioned to its side. The globe will spin until a pink wad of gum appears. Click twice on it. You can then add the chewing gum to your inventory by clicking on it. Put it together with the ruler. You can find the air vent behind your teacher on the wall. 

You will trigger a brief cutscene when you drag the ruler over to the vent with gum on its tip. You can pick it up from your inventory and drag it to your teacher, who gets a cutscene in which his glasses fall to the ground. Pick them up to use later. After completing your active play area, exit the hallway by clicking the arrow in the lower right corner.

How to get the bookmark

Mr Read gives bookmark
Mr. Read wearing glasses (YouTube)

The hallway has several points of exit, so you are in the hallway now. You should grab the penny on the floor to your left. You must then enter the library by following the arrow pointing down from the playground’s base. Following this is a short cutscene. 

Upon entering, you will see Mr. Read standing beside a desk. Put the librarian’s glasses over his head to improve his vision by dragging them from your inventory. You’ll be rewarded with a bookmark for your efforts. Attach a ruler to the tip of your gum with that item. Leave the room after that.

Enter the supply closet

supply closet
Supply Closet (YouTube)

You’ve returned to the corridor you left after leaving Mr. Soggy’s lesson. Turn to the left. Another penny may be found to the left of the green lockers’ base. To enter the supply closet, grab it and then click the right of the two arrows going down at the bottom of the play area. 

A penny rests on the highest shelf of the bookshelf in this room, almost brushing the ceiling. It’s little and difficult to spot. To gather the valuable coin, take out your extended ruler from your inventory and use it on the dime. Your inventory should now contain 12 cents.

Play a little mischief

After you’ve stuffed your pockets with more cash than you need, it’s time to cause a little mischief. Return to the hallway from the supply closet. To the left of the water fountain, click the arrow that points into the bathroom. To open the stall, click on it once inside. After clicking on the toilet paper, it will be collected. 

You may now use the toilet paper from your inventory in the stall. Afterward, flush the toilet by clicking on the flusher, which is on the left top side of the toilet. Upon this, a new cutscene depicts the arrival of the janitor. Then leave the bathroom.

Richy’s introduction

Help Richy
Richy asking for help (YouTube)

On one screen left of the hall, you will find another penny sitting on the floor near the base of the stairway to the next level. Pick it up. Click on the arrow pointing up to reach the next level. One of the benches in the hallway has a portly individual sitting on it. Walk to the right for now and ignore him. 

A locker will be indicated in a word bubble there. You need to click on the locker, specifically the one that looks like it has a ruler on the front. When you press the button, a scene will start, and Richy will tell you he can be unlocked by the combination in Mrs. Oddverb’s room.

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Where to find Mrs. Oddverb

Once you become wealthy, you need to worry about Richy. Leave this screen and locate the lad who has “feed me” written on his shirt. You will now be standing in front of the bathrooms after heading downstairs. There are two teachers relaxing in the teacher’s lounge, when you click on the left arrow pointing down. Mrs. Oddverb is one of the two. She has some questions to ask you. Select the first speech bubble to speak with the woman in the green dress. 

After selecting “Mrs. Oddverb, about Richy…?”, select “He’s locked in his locker. If you think Mrs. Oddverb should search for the combination in her classroom, select “Yes.” Both teachers will leave. You should also check the drawers near the right side of the room before leaving. Nickel can be found in the drawer directly below the coffee mugs. By clicking on it, you will now have 43 cents in your stash. You can leave now for the hallway.

Head left and then up the stairs again once you are back in the hallway. Next, proceed right past Richy’s locker, where a sign proclaims “Carrots are people too.” You can enter Mrs. Oddverb’s classroom through the door to the left of that sign. Pick up the penny on the floor first. Step into the classroom. Click on the slip of paper near the back right corner of the room to gain access to the combination on the desk inside.

How to free Richy

Locker code to help richy in riddle school 3
Locker code to free Richy (YouTube)

View the lockers on the back wall of the hallway as you exit the classroom. Open the leftmost yellow locker by clicking on it. You can grab a nickel from the shelf below the books and above the traffic cone by clicking. 48 cents are now yours. The next screen found Richy still locked up in the locker. To reveal the combination, click on the locker to clear the dialogue bubble.

You may modify each of the 8 digits by clicking up and down on the arrows above and below each number. The combination is 5-3-7-8-8-0-7-8, and then you may rescue your friend by clicking the symbol of the unlocked lock. He’ll give you a quarter automatically, boosting your total riches to 74 cents. He also reveals a liking for collecting buttons while you’re chatting.

Get a button for Richy

Miss Count’s classroom entrance should be identified. This classroom is chaos, with monkey dolls strewn around the floor and particularly in front of the desk. Hovering your cursor over the silver shell reveals that it is a keyboard key. Take it and get out of here.

To go to Miss Count’s classroom, go one screen right, climb the stairs, and then go one screen left to access her classroom. A machine is positioned across from the teacher’s desk, where she leans against it. The machine will start up if you click and drag the button you grasped before. A cutscene and a button will emerge on the machine’s left side. Take it and leave the classroom once you have it.

The next step is to find Richy. Continue straight along the hallway until you reach the end. Richy is standing on the left side of the desk in Mrs. Oddverb’s classroom. By giving the button to your friend, you’ll earn an additional quarter, bringing the total to 100 cents.

How to Beat Riddle School 3: Get the key for exit

This is How to Beat Riddle School 3
Chubby asking for pudding (YouTube)

Remember that student you saw earlier and ignored? Go back to him. His name is Chubb. Give him the pudding that you will get from Mrs. Munch from the lunchroom. A cutscene will play when you drag the pudding from your inventory onto his belly. Upon its completion, you are in an auditorium with an unconscious Chubb. Go back to the hallway by clicking on the arrow pointing out of the hole Chubb made in the wall. 

Head upstairs. Once there, click on the office door. The first thing Mrs. Mooses will do when you arrive is asking you how she can help you. You might be asked why you are here. Say, “I was sent here to see Mr. Potato.” She will want to know why you are supposed to see him. You automatically receive the key when you reply, “I’m awesome.” A cutscene follows.

It is now only a matter of leaving the building. Leave the school office by clicking the downward pointing arrow. Proceed downstairs. Take the left exit. A final cutscene and closing credits follow after you pass through them. 

This completes our complete guide on how to beat Riddle School 3.

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