Here is everything you need to know about the Lost Ark’s Summoner. Also, we have the best Lost Ark Summoner Build for PvP and PvE. 

Summoner is a long-range DPS mage class in the Lost Ark MMORPG. In addition, when the game was initially announced, it was one of the first characters to be revealed. It’s also the first female magical class, with the ability to use a magic staff as a weapon to perform spells that assume the shape of spirits and deliver elemental damage to opponents.

Not only that, but some of these spirits with broad abilities may move and do tasks. As a result, they may now fight alongside the summoner class in combat. In Lost Ark PVP and PVE combat, the spirits can also operate as supplementary damage dealers, tanks, and crowd control (CC), allowing summoners to keep a safe distance and survive.

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About Summoner

Despite her poor defense, Summoner’s many magical powers and spirits are well-balanced, making it a class that is difficult to kill. Furthermore, the Summoner class’s identity or unique power entails summoning a big ancient form of spirit that may cause immense harm to foes.

For example, after gathering a certain quantity of energy in the form of ancient orbs, a specific spirit marble will glow. In addition, based on the number of orbs gained through battles or talents, you can pick what to summon. Furthermore, when employed correctly, these ancient spirits have their own distinct strength and ability, allowing them to dominate battles.

Summoner Skills

Summoner skills
Summoner Skills (YouTube)

Ancient Spear 

For 2.5 seconds, Ancient Spear concentrates your energy and summons a massive great ancient spear to the designated spot. Anyone inside the radius takes damage and becomes paralyzed. Enemies who are at the center of the collision take more damage. As your tripods, use Swift Cast, Explosive Spear, and Ancient Strength.

Sticky Moss Swamp

After 0.5 seconds, the user summons a sticky moss swamp at the specified area. Every second, opponent caught in the swamp take damage and have their movement speed slowed. It takes 5 seconds for the Sticky Moss Swamp to appear. To gain Ready Attack as your tripod, you’ll need to spend 4 skill points.

Winged Spirit

At the designated area, you summon a Wind Elemental in the shape of a hawk. You can hold it for up to 4 seconds to deal 8 hits of damage. Swift Cast, Thunder Spirit, and Whirlpool are the suggested tripods for this construction.

Fleeting Gale Bird

You can obtain the talent Fleeting Gale Bird as early as level 10. When you use it, you summon a flock of Gale Birds in the direction you’re facing. They cause damage to an adversary with each strike and may last up to 3 seconds. For this talent, I propose Accumulated Energy, Flame Bird, and Mother Gale Bird as tripods.

Earth Collapse

An earthquake at the chosen site is all that is required for Earth Collapse to occur. It inflicts Earth Damage to adversaries inside the radius by causing damage and launching them into the air. Flame Collapse, Shake, and Great Earthquake are all good choices.


Pauru hurls a massive ball of fire towards the designated target spot when activated. This also summons the Fire Elemental Pauru, who goes on a 15-second assault spree against adjacent adversaries. It’s a fantastic AOE talent that can help you quickly dispatch trash creatures. You unlock Small Talk, be sure to invest 4 points in this talent.


Shurdi, a tiny Light Elemental, is summoned. This then follows you about for up to 20 seconds, doing damage to any surrounding enemies. It’s a fantastic passive talent to employ because it grants you free damage. Ignore Collision is the only skill you should select; the rest of your skill points should be used for other skills.

Steed Charge

Then there’s Steed Charge. Steed Charge is a magical energy summoner that takes the shape of a galloping horse. All foes caught in it will receive magical damage and be thrown into the air. Stormlike Gallop, Weak Point Detection, and Destruction Charger are recommended as tripods.


Lily Elementals, 2 Elcids, are summoned. With their basic attack, Elcids inflicts 62 Damage to nearby enemies for 10 seconds.

Electricity Release

Cast a concentrated ball of electrical current to deal 106 [Lightning] damage, then create an electrical current zone to deal 245 [Lightning] damage over 1 second.


Maririn, the Coral Stone Elemental, must be summoned. Maririn’s basic strike does 262 damage over 20 seconds to surrounding opponents.

Water Elemental

Inflict up to 793 [Water] Damage over 2s by summoning a Water Elemental.

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Reine’s Protection

Reine has blessed you. For 5 seconds, cast a barrier that absorbs damage up to 21% of max HP.

Flash Explosion

Activate a concentrated energy burst at the target place. Resulting in 312 damage.

Best Lost Ark Summoner Build for PvP

Summoner build for PvP
Summoner Gameplay (YouTube)
  • Steed Charge
  • Shurdi
  • Fleeting Gale Bird
  • Sticky Moss Swamp
  • Ancient Spear 
  • Elcid
  • Flash Explosion
  • Water Elemental

Best Lost Ark Summoner Build for PvE

Summoner build for PvE
Summoner Gameplay (YouTube)
  • Reine’s Protection
  • Flash Explosion
  • Steed Charge
  • Earth Collapse
  • Pauru
  • Sticky Moss Swamp
  • Electricity Release
  • Maririn

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