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Here is the Odd One guide for all Destiny 2 players. Read the guide carefully and learn how to solve the puzzle.

Destiny 2’s long-awaited addition, The Witch Queen, was finally released on February 22. The new DLC is available for Google Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. This was the first piece of DLC published before Destiny 2: Lightfall, in connection with Destiny 2’s Season 16: Season of the Chosen. Several new features and weapons are available in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen campaign. In addition, you may find some puzzles challenging to solve in the campaign. 

‘Puzzle: Rune Patterns’ is a mission objective in Destiny 2 Witch Queen that players must fulfill as part of the ‘Memories of Ruin’ quest. When you approach the big stone wall in the center of this region, a message labeled ‘The Odd One’ may show up on your screen. Find the ones that stand out among the others to figure out which set of runes stands out among the others. Below is the Odd One guide for you.

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The Odd One Guide: How to solve

The mission is fairly short and will not have you facing too many Hive. Instead, it focuses on storytelling. As soon as you discover the Memory chamber in your first mission, this mission will be unlocked. However, you must solve the Odd One Out puzzle challenge before you can move on to the storytelling section. Keep in mind that this puzzle will be unique to each person, therefore there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Identifying the symbols that don’t belong in each column of Hive text is the key to solving this puzzle. A common pattern of symbols appears in five other columns as well. The pattern doesn’t appear in three columns. 

Puzzle gameplay (YouTube)

You should shoot at the incorrect columns after you have located the imposters. A hive symbol will appear three times over the slab to show that you are doing it correctly. The Hive texts and the slab seem to change every time you visit, so it may be hard to tell exactly what to look for.

You will be able to determine Savathun’s true intention once you have solved the puzzle. You will return to the Throne World when all Region Chests have been collected or after completing each Lost Sector has been completed. The Odd One Out puzzle challenge in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is now complete.

The mirror puzzle

There are eight vertical columns displaying five symbols on the wall of runes when you approach it. The order of the symbols repeats in each of the columns with the exception of three. Each of the three of these columns will have a different rune order. According to the example above, the third rune in the circled column has a different meaning from the six that have the circular symbol. That means you need to blast any rune on that column since it is one of the three you need to shoot.

Upon choosing the runes correctly, you will see a symbol appear over the entire tablet. This process needs to be repeated two more times, identifying two more vertical columns of runes with a different order of runes. Once you have completed all three, you will be able to progress in the game.

After arriving at The Mirror quest for the second time, you’ll have to finish the tablet puzzle once again. Runes will emerge on the four circular platforms in each corner of the chamber as soon as you complete the process. 

On each circular platform, a line of runes will emerge. It’s crucial to locate the rune lines that are distinct from the rest. Shoot the rune lines that aren’t the same as the room’s most common repeating pattern. You won’t be returning to this area during the campaign. As soon as you complete the puzzles above, you’ll be done with the actual “encounters” in The Mirror.

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