Some players are having trouble in Lost Ark. We have brought you a guide regarding the Key of Balance and Gate of Harmony problems. 

In Lost Ark, you can learn a lot. Throughout the seven vast and diverse continents, as well as the waters that connect them, you will uncover colorful civilizations, odd and wondrous wildlife, and all the wonders that have yet to be explored. Experience Arkesia’s mysteries, face off against other players in PvP and test your skills in battles and raids. There are also distant islands where you can find hidden treasures, giant monsters and enemy packs in the open world, and much more.

Among the most important items in the Lost Ark are the Key of Balance and the Gate of Harmony. To access the Gate of Harmony in the game, you need the Key of Balance. Taking into account the importance of these elements in the game, we have compiled a guide for you about the key of balance and the gate of harmony for you. 

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Gate of Harmony event

gate of harmony quest
Lost Ark events (YouTube)

Before you may utilize the Key of Balance and Gate of Harmony, you must first engage in the co-op event. You must engage in the event at specific moments throughout the day. At particular periods, you can take part in the event Gate of Harmony. The location of this particular event is somewhere in the Vast Sea. You must travel to the specified place after locating it on a map. You’ll need to enter the gateway during the event after you’ve arrived.

key of balance needed
Chest of harmony (YouTube)

When you accomplish this, you will be divided into two groups. You must now travel out into the water to take away the enemy. This is going to take some time. The event will eventually come to an end. It makes no difference what happens in the event because the chest will be found at the end. The Key of Balance is required to unlock this chest. You will be able to obtain Gienah’s Coins and gold as well as other incentives by doing so.

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Players facing issues regarding the Key of Balance

During the Harmony Gate Sea Events, players obtained the Key of Balance. However, according to the tooltip for the Key of Balance, the Key of Balance can only be consumed at the Gate of Harmony sea event. It appears, based on what other players are complaining about, that the “Key of Balance” has been mistranslated and should really display as “Key of Harmony”. Nothing from the officials has been released yet regarding this problem. Players will have to wait till then.

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