We have brought you the Lost Ark Pest Control guide with all the details so you can complete this daily quest with ease.

Blackfang’s Den has become infested with pests that threaten him. Of those, the Red Shark Pirates pose the greatest danger. Regardless of how many ships we sink with our cannons, they always come back on new ships awoken by shouting, “We’ve come to find Blackfang!”. It is impossible to ignore them because they are so bothersome. It is your responsibility to control them.

During Pest Control quests, you are required to go to an island and kill enemies. No matter how many times you kill them on the current day, they always find a way to come back to the island and attack. Here is the Lost Ark Pest Control guide to help you complete this daily quest.

Lost Ark Pest Control location
Blackfang’s Den location (YouTube)
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Lost Ark Pest Control guide 

The first and most basic need is to earn the Lost Ark’s ability to sail Arkesia’s waters, which may be obtained at the end of the East Luterra questline during “Set Sail!” Una’s Tasks, a broad Daily and Weekly Quest selection that becomes accessible once adventurers reach Character Level 50, is the second prerequisite. 

This should happen about the time players complete the North Vern questline. Fulfilling two yellow Side Quests on Blackfang’s Den, a tiny island off the southern coast of Anikka, is the third and final condition for completing “Pest Control.”

Blackfang’s House is the first Side Quest players must complete in Lost Ark. It is a simple fetch quest that requires players to tidy up Blackfang’s house. Players will have to clean up several objects as well as slay trash mobs on this mission. Once “Blackfang’s House” has been completed, “Catch the Rats” will be available. Adventurers have been assigned the task of exterminating pesky Shore Rats x 12 that are causing trouble on the island. The “Pest Control” Daily Quest can be accepted from Una’s Tasks once these Lost Ark Side Quests are complete.

Pest Control Daily Quest

Lost Ark Pest Control gameplay
Pest control daily quest gameplay (YouTube)

Go to the Daily Quests section of Una’s Tasks. Accept the quest “Pest Control” and you will be assigned the responsibility of defeating the pirates who are attempting to attack Blackfang. To accomplish the task, you must battle Captain Lorka or Lieutenant Lorka and slay 5 Red Shark Pirates. 

Go to the docks and board your ship once you’ve accepted the mission. The task may be found in the right corner of the screen. Simply press ALT + Left after clicking on the compass, which will show you the position of the island you need to visit. To begin your journey to the daily quest location, click here.

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You will have to wait for 15 minutes

watch out pirates rewards
Pest control daily quest rewards (YouTube)

When you get to the island, you’ll see that you can’t start any quests and that there aren’t any daily quests at all. The reason for this is that the quest itself has a 15-minute cooldown. If there are no creatures on the map’s bottom east and west ends, it signifies the mobs have been eliminated and you must wait a maximum of 15 minutes for them to respawn.

When the event starts, you’ll be given a mission called “Watch out! Pirates!” After that, you must travel to the map’s east coast to beat Lorka. The next step is to defeat the Red Shark Pirates on the Western shore of the map after you have eliminated Lorka. Once there are no more objectives to accomplish, talk to Ruri inside the shed. Rori is an NPC that you can visit in order to complete your daily quest and receive your reward.

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