Want to beat Undyne but don’t know how? Our guide will tell you how to beat Undyne the Undying in Undertale easily.

Many gamers are facing problems beating Undyne in Undertale. This enemy is the leader of the Royal Guards and you will have a tough fight to beat her. Undyne is a student of King Asgore and is one of the strongest bosses in the game. She has decided to get the last soul and give it to Asgore while protecting the Underground. 

You can beat Undyne in different routes, where the fight will be different every time. There is a neutral route, Pacifist route, and Genocide route. But how to beat Undyne the Undying? For this, you will have to read our guide, which has mentioned every possible way to win this fight.

Undyne the Undying fight gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Undyne in Neutral route

When the fight begins in the neutral route, the soul will turn green when Undyne will use her spear. In this fight, she will throw arrows from all sides to attack you, and you will have to block them from every direction. The arrows do not have a particular speed, they can be slow and fast. This makes it very difficult to figure out. Do not get hit by multiple arrows at a time because each of them deals five damage.

Ballet Shoes is a great option because you will get three bars when you are attacking. You will just need to focus and attack in the middle to deal high damage. After some time, the red soul phase will begin, and she will again switch back to the green soul, which will make the arrows even faster.

After you deplete her health totally, she will admire your capability. However, she will not give up because of her determination. This will result in her attacks getting slower, and slowly she will fade away like dust. 

Undyne the Undying fight gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Undyne in Genocide route

In the genocide route, you will face many monsters before you encounter Undyne. After you defeat all the monsters on your way, you will see the monster kid just before facing Undyne. Here you will have two options. The first option is to fight him and then continue the Genocide Route. 

The second option is to spare him and switch to the neutral route. We have already explained to you about the neutral route above. So, if you chose to fight him and attack him, Undyne will quickly come in front and take that hit. She will tell the monster kid to run away as she loves him and she will do everything to protect the dear ones.

In this fight, her name will be Undyne the Undying. Undyne’s attacks will be very fast and will deal 8-12 damage. So, it will be very bad for you if you take a hit from her. The best option here is to stay away and dodge her attacks as much as possible. 

You can use Sea Tea as it increases your speed and will help you to be quick enough to defend and attack the boss. You will also need health items so that you can restore your health whenever it reaches very low. Use the items carefully as you would not like if it goes to waste. Stick to the walls and avoid her arrows in the red soul phase. 

Undyne the Undying fight gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Undyne in the Pacifist route

In this route, you do not have to fight. All you need to do is run. Yes, take the opportunity and flee and run into the cave whenever the boss tries to catch you. Undyne will stop after a certain time and will end the fight. There will be two options here again. You will be asked either to give her a cup of water or just refuse it. We recommend you give her the water so that she will get up and leave.

So this is how you will beat Undyne the Undying in different routes. Follow the guide and defeat this boss easily. The options you choose are totally up to you. We have explained each route, so now it is up to you to decide the best route for yourself.

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