Do you want the Genshin Impact companionship exp to level up fast? Our guide will help with all the things you need to know.

Each Friendship Level requires exponentially more Companionship Exp than the one before. The majority of rewards are associated with additional lore or voice lines that players can access under the ‘Profile’ section of the game. 

Players also receive a unique name card at the end of the friendship level. It is not something you need to do to complete the story. You can do it for fun, and most players try to get it because these things make the game more interesting. In this Genshin Impact Companionship Exp guide, we will tell you how to level up fast. Read below to learn more.

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Genshin Impact Companionship Exp

Before we begin, keep the following things in mind:

  • All companionship EXP from daily commissions, random events, and open-world bosses is doubled when in Co-op.
  • The character whose companionship you want to level up should be in the first and second slot in your party. 
  • Make sure to keep your active character in the first slot before starting Co-op.

Genshin Impact Companionship Exp: How to level up fast?

Daily Commissions

When you are in the coop, you would not be able to submit items to some commissions. To proceed with the commission, you can return to single-player, submit the item, and when the NPC dialogue appears, either invite a friend to join or return to co-op before starting the dialogue or beginning the commission.

In addition, this method will work for Katheryne when submitting daily commissions. Start a conversation with Katheryne, but do not claim it yet. You can earn 200 XP by asking your friend to join and then claiming the rewards once they are in the coop. Doing the daily commissions in Co-op will reward you with 120×4.

Genshin Impact gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Spending Resin

You will get companionship Exp every time you spend on anything with Resin. However, keep in mind that each challenge will be different. For example, Domains will give you 20 Exp when clearing them at maximum difficulty.

Open world bosses

This is a fantastic approach to obtaining more companionship exp. When you beat a boss, do not claim the rewards, instead, inform a friend about the coop and invite them to join. Just keep in mind that the characters you are selecting are proper.

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Serenitea Pot

Players will get a certain amount of Exp when they host characters as companions in the Serenitea Pot. It will be based on the Adeptal energy and trust rank, for example, you will get five companionship exp every hour at 12,000 adept energy. We recommend you remove all the companions except the one that you want to level up.

Serenitea Pot Guide Genshin Impact
Gameplay (YouTube)
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Random Events

You can complete random events to get more Genshin Impact companionship Exp. You can complete some random events a number of times and get lots of companionship exp. Therefore, you should never miss this opportunity if you are looking to level up fast.

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