Best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Warzone

Want to know the best Call of Duty Warzone assault rifles? Our list will help you out. Read till the end because the best rifle is mentioned there.

Assault rifles are one of the most famous guns in almost every shooting game. These guns provide you with many different attachments and the ability to play them in your style. If you want some hardcore gun, the assault rifle will give you that. Similarly, if you are looking for great accuracy, good recoil, high mobility, and a good range, assault rifles are the best option as you will get everything in them. Although, you might not get everything all together at once in one rifle. This will make it impossible to beat, right? 

You can have one or two great stats, but you will have to sacrifice some. For example, you can have great accuracy and recoil, but you will have to sacrifice your mobility and range, or sometimes even your fire rate. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep in mind everything possible while selecting an assault rifle. When playing Call of Duty Warzone, all of these aspects become crucial. To help you out, we have listed the best Call of Duty Warzone assault rifles.

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Best Call of Duty Warzone assault rifles


The AS Val is a great gun as it is one of the fastest assault rifles in Call of Duty. The fast fire rate of this gun beats the ace guns like AK-47, EM2, and others. The only thing that makes it a bit difficult is that it is not easy to kill enemies from a long distance. Also, it has only 30 rounds which end very fast. It is best when you are playing solo and looking to rush in the entire game. We recommend using perks that help its range and ammunition part.

Grau 5.56

This Modern Warfare classic assault rifle does a great job of controlling the recoil. It is super easy to use and you can have great accuracy at a long distance too. It comes with great iron sights, meaning you won’t have to worry much about the red dots. Grau is worth your time if you are looking for a long-range weapon with excellent recoil.

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With the right gunsmith, this gun can be something that many players will go insane with. Volk has high mobility which makes it one of the best Call of Duty Warzone assault rifles. The Gun-Ho perk is just amazing while using Volk. It is great when you use it in mid-range fights. So if you want to deal some good damage in the mid-range area, you can go with Volk.

Call of Duty Warzone gameplay (YouTube)


The STG44 is a pretty all-rounder gun that gives you decent damage, low recoil, and good accuracy. At first, this assault rifle was not that good and players never focused on it. But after a few updates, the STG44 became popular for its long-range and mid-range. However, it’s great for close range. As a result, you can use this gun for different ranges and different situations. 


If you are looking for a close or medium-range assault rifle, then this might be the best option for you. When you attach more ammunition to it, this gun can give you some great results. You can use it in different situations and with the right attachments, you can depend on this assault rifle for sure.

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The C58 is a gun with a balanced stat. It will not provide you with very high or extremely low numbers in any of the areas. Due to its poor firing rate, this rifle is not built for close-range use. This is the only thing you must remember. If you are new and you like camping and taking down the enemies slowly, then this is a gun that you need.


The M4A1 is one of the best Call of Duty Warzone Assault Rifles you can play with. With a couple of attachments, you can make this rifle with almost zero recoils. The iron sights are so good you don’t need an optic, you can pop a 60-round mag on it to just kill anyone in your way. With its high rate of fire, you can deal great damage to the enemies quickly. The greatest thing is that the recoil of M4A1 is fairly easy to control. Is there anything more you require?


Here comes one of the most amazing guns in the game. Whether you are playing Call of Duty Warzone or Call of Duty Mobile, this gun cannot be avoided. CR-56 is a go-to gun for both long and short ranges. It has a fire rate that makes it great to kill the enemies quicker with a decent recoil control ability. The damage is also not low as it stands with the Ak-47 and other high damage assault rifles. All this makes it one of the best Call of Duty Warzone Assault rifles. 

CR-56 AMAX is one of the best call of duty warzone assault rifles
CR-56 AMAX (YouTube)
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Cooper Carbine

The Cooper Carbine is just a fantastic assault rifle due to its versatility. This weapon can help you in mid-range, and long-range. You can cause havoc in the game by equipping it with the appropriate attachments. The gun is so easy to control and you can shoot at enemies without worrying much about the recoil. When using at close range, it almost feels like you are using an SMG. Many pro players still choose this assault rifle in critical situations. 


Talking about the best Call of Duty Warzone assault rifle and not mentioning the AK-47 is just impossible. This is a monster assault rifle that is ruling the shooting games for a very long time. The AK-47 Cold War in Warzone dominates other assault rifles and is the best among all. It might have issues with its recoil, as no gun is perfect in all areas. 

However, its accuracy and the ability to kill enemies with great damage cannot be neglected. If a player learns to use it at its best, then it will be very difficult to stop him/her. As we said in the beginning that you might lose some other areas when you are trying to improve one. Therefore, build this gun keeping in mind how you are going to play with it. 

AK-47 is the best call of duty warzone assault rifles
AK-47 (YouTube)

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