Have difficulty in defeating Crazed Tank? In our Battle Cats guide, we will tell you how to beat the Crazed Tank.

To most players, it is advised that you bring Rich Cat, Sniper the Cat, and, if required, Cat CPU. The Crazed Tank’s stage is unquestionably one of the most crucial in the game, awarding a superior meatshield unit. A trio of opponents will spawn on a timer and will attack the Crazed Tank first. To battle Crazed Tank in The Battle Cats, you’ll need as much money as possible, so hold off on going to the base until you’ve fought the first set of Owlbrows.

Crazed Tank’s range is not something to be laughed at: you will have to use units that can outrange it. Most likely, you will be using Lizard/Dragon Cat and Bahamut Cat to fight Crazed Tank and Owlbrow, both of whom have a long range. It works better to have Ururun. However, obtaining her may be difficult at this point. 

Crazed Tank fight
Gameplay (YouTube)

Crazed Tank boss also boasts a lot more HP than Crazed Cat itself, so it’s extremely tanky. Sniper the Cat will also help close the distance between you and Crazed Tank with 1 knockback as well. Cat Cannon is also necessary to close the distance between you and Crazed Tank. Below is a guide that will tell you how to beat crazed tank in the game.

What Ubers should you choose?

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Through the use of a Sniper the Cat and sufficient protection, Aphrodite, Nobiluga, Kinrangers, Sakura Miku, and other Long Distance Ubers can safely outrange the boss and possibly hit the base behind him. They will certainly ease the process if any of them are available to you.

The first to attack the base will leave Warlock and Pierre (38+) one hit away from destruction. Cheeseing a stage with this strategy makes a huge difference, although landing that final hit will still be difficult.

How to beat Crazed Tank

Crazed Tank fight gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

If you use any Cat that has a range of 390 or more, like the Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Macho Cat, a meatshield, or Dragon Cat, Bahamut Cat, will help you. If not, then the Crazed Tank will kill you easily. Utilize cats that possess Knockback abilities, such as Ururun Wolf. It will also help to have a Long-Distance unit with enough range to snipe the base.

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The Cat CPU should be turned off immediately. Gather as much money as possible, summon Bahamut, and strike the enemy base. From that point on, turn on the Cat CPU so that Crazed Tank Cat comes out and the battle is automatically won. Units aiming at long distance will be able to hit the bases behind the enemies they are aiming at, so the battle may already be over before the Crazed Tank is eliminated.

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