From how to beat a Crazed Cat to Pikotaro, Metal Hippoe, and more, we have brought a guide for you to beat these enemies.

The Battle Cats is a free-to-play tower defense game for iOS and Android devices developed by PONOS Corporation. It was initially released in Japan under the name Nyanko Daisensou (Nyanko Great War). The Battle Cats first appeared on the Japanese iOS App Store in November 2011 as “Battle Nekos,” with Android compatibility arriving in December of the same year.

A tower defense game called Battle Cats allows the player to choose a squad of cats with varying stat amounts and destroy attackers in order to defend the cat base (the “Cat Cannon”). The gameplay involves sending a diverse squad of cats out onto a 2D battlefield to defend the “cat base,” which is equipped with a cannon. If you collect materials from Stories of Legends (SoL), you can modify the cannon to produce a variety of effects. You can also combine them to create abilities such as knockback, barrier breaker, freeze, slow, and others.

Red, black, metal, zombies, aliens, starred-aliens, floating, and relics are also enemy traits. The cats can combat these enemies as well. A zombie outbreak is also included in the game.

How to beat Crazed Cat?

The Crazed Cat is an opponent that may be unlocked as a cat unit in The Crazed Cat, as well as Clan of the Maniacs and Floor 31 of the Heavenly Tower. This foe has a lot of HP, a lot of DPS, and a lot of area attacks. His primary flaws are his rather limited range and movement speed, which you should strive to exploit. Crazed Cat Stage 1 is Dark Souls, which appears on the third day of every month.

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How to beat Crazed Cat?: Strategy 1

The ideal approach in Dark Souls (Insane) is to stack Bahamut Cat and/or comparable Uber Rares at the start of the level. Cheaper stackable attackers, such as Paris Cat, will be quite beneficial against him. Bring at least three meatshields with you, such as Macho Cat, Wall Cat, and Boogie Cat. If you’re having trouble, it’s also a good idea to use Sniper the Cat to keep him at bay. Otherwise, if you have Sniper the Recruit, you can use it instead.

How to beat Crazed Cat?: Strategy 2

While it is not essential, possessing Wall Cat’s True Form (unlocked at level 20+10) will be a huge assist here, since it provides him with enough health to withstand one hit from Crazed Cat. This level is relatively easy to cheese if you have a unit with a large enough Long Distance to assault the base.

How to beat Crazed Cat?: Requirements

How to beat Crazed Cat

Lineup: 2-3 75 meatshields (for example, Macho Cat, Boogie Cat, Catburger), Wall Cat, Dragon Cat, Bahamut Cat (all must be level 20), and Paris Cat, if you have her.

If you succeeded to evolve your Wall Cat into an Eraser Cat, you might try to add Magica Cat. Long-distance Cats and powerful hitters who can out-distance Le’boin should also be considered.

Items: Sniper the Cat, Speed Up, and Cat CPU are all available.

How to beat Crazed Cat?: Battle

Begin and delay for the most money with a few Wall Cats. Remember not to generate any 75 meatshields because they will simply push. Allow your Wall Cats to perish when you have reached the maximum amount of money, and then lure the attackers to close your base. Stack 2-3 Bahamut Cats by allowing them to slowly slaughter the peons while Wall Cats take damage for them. 

Continue if your Bahamut pushes too hard, but your third Bahamut is nearly completely charged. If not, you might have to start over. To avoid this, use the Cat Cannon to make Bahamut miss.

Battle Cats (Image credit: Bandai NAMCO entertainment

You may also delay in your base or let the peons strike your base while stacking your Long Distance Cats, as they cannot be struck by the peons. Begin meat shielding and prepping for an all-out attack shortly before the Crazed Cat appears. Then Crazed Cat will appear. You can just spam whatever you have unless you bring too many costly pets. When Sniper the Cat defeats the Crazed Cat, your cats should be able to begin attacking Le’boin and Teacher Bear.

In addition, you have the option of luring the Crazed Cat closer to your base to postpone the assistance, however, it is suggested that you make sure you can manage the support when it arrives next. The importance of keeping the Bahamut Cat alive can be improved by bringing more meatshields and by using a Cat CPU to maximize its efficiency.

How to beat Pikotaro?

How to beat Crazed Cat
Pikotaro (Image credit Battle Cats Fandom)

During the Pikotaro Collaboration Event, Pikotaro appears as an Enemy Unit. Pikotaro is a Metal foe, which means he only takes 1 damage from all strikes unless they are critical hits. Pikotaro, on the other hand, has extremely high attack damage that can kill most cat troops in a single strike. His backswing, on the other hand, is really lengthy, so delaying him won’t be an issue.


Because his attack rate is fairly sluggish and his stage lacks an Assassin Bear to compel the player to leave if they wait too long, deploying fast-hitting cats is an efficient strategy to deal with him. Even spamming Tank Cat or Cow Cat will kill him. Metal Cat can also be useful in preventing Pikotaro from approaching your base.

How to beat the Dark Emperor Nyandam?

How to beat the Dark Emperor Nyandam
Dark Emperor Nyandam (Image credit Battle Cats Fandom)

The Dark Emperor Nyandam is a red opponent who first appears in Empire of Cats Chapter 2 as the boss of the Moon/Iriomote. He is slow in both mobility and attack pace, but he has a massive amount of health and attack strength. At 100 percent strength magnification, he has a weaker attack than The Face, but his buff is 150 percent of his initial appearance, giving him 149,998 life and 2,700 damage. 

Despite his poor attack rate, he possesses amazing range as a trade-off. It’s worth noting that Dark Emperor Nyandam’s Hitbox is located closer to the front of the sprite than Director Kurosawah and Galactic Overseer Nyandam’s.


Prepare for a close fight when you first see him, as he is defended by One Horn and a continual barrage of Squire Rels and Those Guys (see Moon for strategies). Because few cats can outrun him, concentrate on troops that can withstand his assaults, such as Fish Cat and Titan Cat. Even later on, it’s critical to be aware of this foe. His powerful, ranging assaults may wreak havoc on many cat armies, providing a significant threat, particularly against troops with little health and insufficient range to keep safe, such as Bahamut Cat.

Nyandam’s long attack animation may be used to your advantage: employ the Cat Cannon when his attack animation is about to end to disrupt it and compel Nyandam to resume the assault. In the early game, a stack of Pirate Cats or Bean Cats may be used to stunlock him if he’s alone, which can be utilized to cheese, Last Gang.

How to beat Metal Hippoe?

How to beat Crazed Cat
Metal Hippoe (Image credit Battle Cats Fandom)

Metal Hippoe is a metal foe that may be found in Legend Stages, Into the Future, and Cats of the Cosmos. He is a more powerful variant of the standard Hippoe. It has a higher attack rate and can only take one damage per hit unless it is a critical hit. It possesses 80 health and two knockbacks at full strength magnification. Depending on the stage, it can be either bothersome or useful, as discussed in the next paragraph.

Metal Hippoe may operate as an irritating tank in certain levels, such as Chubby B. Goode and Prison Destruction. It can also help you delay as you build up long-ranged cats in others, such as Tunafish Trenches or Church of Mercator.


While it may appear difficult at first, rapid attackers such as Cow Cat, Mr., and Rocker Cat may quickly beat it owing to their fast attack speed. Alternatively, you can employ Moneko, Space Cat, or Jurassic Cat and hope for a Critical Hit. Catornado absolutely crushes Metal Hippoe because of his never-ending attack rate and critical probability. Units having a guaranteed critical chance can assist in defeating it swiftly.

Another strategy is to take advantage of its lackluster stats. Use slow-attacking troops to slowly erode its health while you build up a stack of long-distance units to utilize later. This method is known as “Long-Distance StepStone,” or “LD Step Stone” for short.

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