How to Find Plant Saplings in Fortnite – Locations, Uses, and more

Do you need Fortnite plant saplings? Don’t worry, we’ve included all of the sites in this guide to make things easier for you.

In Fortnite, you have a job planting saplings at Bomb Carter Clusters. This is a big battle because of the fight between The Seven and the Imagined Order. If you complete this quest, the island will be restored to its previous glory. However, many gamers are experiencing difficulty locating Fortnite Plant Saplings. If you are one of them and can’t find the locations, then read our guide that will help you find the places and complete this Fortnite quest.

Let us tell you that at Bomb Crater Clusters, there are nine different sites where you can find the Fortnite plant saplings. However, for this week’s seasonal quest, you will need to plant three saplings. There are three points of plant saplings at the Bomb Crater Cluster. We will tell you all the locations, and it is up to you to decide which three sites you are going to choose. Once you plant at three sites, you will be rewarded with 20k XP.

Fortnite map
Fortnite Map (YouTube)
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Fortnite plant saplings guide

The problem is that the site locations for the Fortnite Bomb Crater Cluster are not available on the map. Therefore, it is very difficult for the players to find it. Below, we have mentioned all the locations for you.

Plant saplings site
Plant saplings site (YouTube)

Catastrophe Crater Saplings

Catastrophe Crater’s sapling planting points surround the Unremarkable House Landmark. The Fortnite plant sapling can be found right in front of the house, next to the crater. A second location to plant a sapling can be found directly behind the house next to a bush. Taking a left after the Unremarkable House, follow the dirt path. Next to a smoking Bomb Crater, you can plant a sapling.

Plant saplings site
Plant saplings site (YouTube)

Crispy Crater Saplings

Search the Bomb Crater Cluster area just east of Seven Outpost I and north of Windbreakers for the next set of sapling blueprints. The east side of the location of the Bomb Crater Cluster has a place to plant a sapling between some craters. One more sapling can be planted just southwest of the last one. It should be planted in the grass near the pine trees. There is a third sapling nearby the Seven Outpost near a giant crater.

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Infiltrator Crater Saplings

An old shack with a red roof stands on the northwest corner of Infiltrator Crater. A sapling can be planted west of this building. One more spot to plant a sapling can be found south of this same shack, close to where the Desert Biome starts. Consider planting the sapling next to a smoke crater and dead trees. The stone head statue is located in the northeast corner of Infiltrator Crater. Another sapling planting location can be found next to the statue.

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