Want to know how to beat Dreadstone Peak Mages in Salt and Sacrifice? Our complete guide will give you all the details to win against these mages.

Salt and Sacrifice broadens the realm of Salt and Sanctuary. You play as a Marked Inquisitor tasked with slaying Mages that wander the planet and pose a danger to civilization for the rest of your life in Salt and Sacrifice. You’ll need to prepare for each expedition in Pardoner’s Vale, a center full of compassionate Inquisitors. As you progress further in the game, the enemies will get stronger, and you will have to be ready to face them.

Few of those enemies you will face are in the Dreadstone Peak. Five mages will be in front of you one by one, and you will have to defeat them all in order to progress further. But how to beat dreadstone peak mages in the game? We will give you the answer in our guide. Follow the guide carefully, so you can defeat all the mages easily without having trouble.

Dreadstone Peak Mages in Salt and Sacrifice
Salt and Sacrifice gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Dreadstone Peak Mages: Neuromancers

The first mages you will face are not that tough. You can easily defeat them with normal skills and move forward. You will be facing creatures like Scatterminds, Royal Minds, and Gray Nobles. All of them are very easy to defeat in Salt and Sacrifice. 

Keep in mind that they will use three types of attacks. The first one will be light threads. In this, they will conjure some orbs and connect them with light threads. These are very easy to dodge and roll. 

The next attack is called Mind pulse where the Neuromancer will emit a blast of psionic energy. This attack is big and can deal good damage, but you will easily know when this attack is going to come. The final attack is Whip tendril. In this, the mage unfurls a tendril and whips at you. Keep in mind that he uses it twice and if you get hit by the first one, the second will hit you too.

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How to Beat Dreadstone Peak Mages: Dracomancers

After you’ve defeated the Neuromancer, you can explore the dungeons under the Temple of Eleven. The Dracomancer’s mission takes place in the Old Annex, which is located close to the temple and west of the first fall down. The Dracomancers are very aggressive and have giant swords to attack you. They can also summon reptilian creatures called Drakelings and Darkscale Wyrms. While the Drakelings are easy to defeat, Darkscale wyrms will be some threat for you. Therefore, you should deal with them as soon as possible.

Dreadstone Peak Mages location
Old Annex (YouTube)

The Dracomancers will use different types of combos against you. They will attack you with melee combo, shockwave combo, and bursting combo. These are very easy to dodge but you should remember that there is a melee combo after their shockwave and bursting combos. You will have to be aware of their fire beam and fire ball attacks as they will deal high damage if it hits you.

The key to winning this fight is to dodge as much as possible and attack when they hit their third attack in a combo. This is the safest time to go for an attack. In this fight, you need to be quick and you cannot just rush any time to attack the Dracomancers. 

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How to Beat Dreadstone Peak Mages: Diablomancers

You’ll start the hunt at Pilgrim’s Respite, which is between Whitecrag Path and the Old Annex. If you travel west from the Old Annex entrance on the upper floor, you’ll locate the hunt. The Diablomancers are huge, but they are not very dangerous for you to defeat. They will summon Inphyrean drones which are bugs that can be destroyed very easily. 

Moreover, they will summon large orcs called Chasm lords and huge demons called Red Baronets. Both of this summons can take quite a time for you to destroy them. The Red Baronets are the most difficult to defeat among all the Diablomancers’ summons.

These mages will use different types of Glyphs attacks against you. The first will be crossbow glyphs, followed by cannon and Giga cannon glyphs. The attacks used by the Diablomancers are not very hard to dodge. Although, they can deal some good damage to you if not timed properly. Do not get greedy and go for an attack when you see Diablomancers open because if the melee combo hits you, it can be a serious problem.

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How to Beat Dreadstone Peak Mages: Chronomancers

Behind the sealed door which is at the top of the Temple of Eleven, you will get the clue for the Chronomancer. Fighting against a Chronomancer involves a whole mess of time-slowing effects and devastating physical and ranged attacks. In addition, you’ll face a few monsters like Glasskeepers, Pendul Deacons, and Larval Samayavoras. Use ranged attacks against the glasskeepers and be aware of the remaining two because they are very dangerous. They can deal some serious damage and will consume lots of your time. 

Entering a Pillar or the Sphere of Frozen Time is not permitted under any circumstances. It will be difficult for you to break out once you’ve slowed down, and the mage will be able to attack you as he pleases. If you feel that it is unavoidable, then make sure that you are healed up already. 

When launching arrows or using other ranged attacks, you will undergo a slowing time effect, so be mindful of that before attempting to perform it. A good strategy is to learn the timing of the mage’s melee attacks, and stay close to him until he cannot slow you down or destroy you with Portal Arrows. The mage also uses portal attacks that you need to be aware of. A portal will be opened in the arena and blades and arrows will come from it that can deal high damage to you if you take a hit.

Dreadstone Peak Mages location
Salt and Sacrifice gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Dreadstone Peak Mages: Umbramancers

You will find the Umbramancers in Sentinel Caves which is known as the darkest part of the Dreadstone Peak. The Umbramancers will use attacks like sword slam, sword beam, sneaking slash, thrusting blade, shards of darkness, and sword explosion. The best way to avoid these attacks from the Umbramancers is to keep rolling. You will have to roll and dodge the attacks if you do not want to get hit by them. 

Be aware of the shards of darkness attack because it can leave you staggered, and you will be unable to defend yourself. This will help the Umbramancers to deal you more damage. The Umbramancers are very aggressive and you will not have much time to think about when fighting against them. Healing yourself will also become very difficult during the fight because of the back-to-back attacks by the enemy. 

If you want to win this fight against the Umbramancers, then craft and equip the Ever-Parched Ring, which you will unlock after defeating the Diablomancer. We recommend this because the speed you drink from your Hearthen Flask will be increased. 

If you learn to avoid Sword Beams, then you have almost won this fight. This is because many players die due to this attack. Now, how will you do it? Stay close to the Umbramancer every time and go away only when you want to roll or dodge. You can also use stamina-boosting items with a low equipment load. This will make you fast and help you win this fight. 

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