Are you new to this insane racing game? Do not worry, our Redout Enhanced Edition guide will help you with some of the best tips and tricks.

This arcade racing game is designed to be uncompromising, fast, tough, and satisfying, with a strong sense of vertigo at its core. A floating system and driving model will create a force for the ship depending on how is the track, slopes, hard brakes, accelerations, and turns. This creates a stunning and instantly recognizable visual style. Stunning coastlines, eerie frozen landscapes, and vast desert plains: the dynamic, tense, and beautiful futuristic racing clashes in the semi-abandoned Earth’s melancholy atmosphere provide the backdrop.

In short, Redout Enhanced edition is a game that gives you all the racing atmosphere with a very hard difficulty. Even the bots in this game are strong enough to defeat you. Therefore, you will need our Redout Enhanced Edition Guide that will help you with some tips and tricks. If you are a beginner, then this guide is a must for you.

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Redout Enhanced Edition Guide: Powerups

In the game, there are powerups that greatly assist you in the races. It assists you in winning several close races. You have the option of taking simple sharp corners or getting a boost at the start of the race. All of this is possible thanks to powerups, therefore we advise you to keep as many as possible. The best powerups you can use as a beginner are Extra Magnetic Grip Lv 4 and Turbo Boost Lv 4. These will help you in taking great smooth turns and give you high-speed boost. Also, you can upgrade these powerups and make them stronger.

Redout Enhanced Edition Guide: Wall barriers

In the game, there are wall barriers that might cause major troubles for you. In Redout, there are two types of barriers: green barriers and red barriers. The green barriers are completely secure. This implies you don’t have to slow down and you can break it down to get through it. The red barriers are now tough to overcome since you will just crash into them. As a result, if you encounter a red barrier, decrease your speed and do a slow turn.

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Redout Enhanced Edition Guide: Career mode

If you want to unlock the maps and races, you will only have to complete the events in the career mode. Therefore, do not worry about completing all the events. Play the career mode and unlock the tracks to play the online and quick race.

Redout enhanced edition gameplay
Redout gameplay (34BigThings srl)

Drive slow in corners

This is the most important tip that might seem easy and a very general thing, but it is very important. Redout is a very fast racing game, therefore the controls will be hard for you, especially if you are new to the game. The best way to win is to slow down in the corners. The maps are difficult and the corners are sharp. Therefore, with a very high speed, it will be impossible for you to make a smooth turn. So, we suggest you slow down your speed whenever you are going to turn.

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Do not stop accelerating

Although it is true that you must slow down when taking a corner, this does not imply that you must stop speeding. If you want a smooth turn, maintain accelerating while also using the brake. This will let you take a turn without hitting the corners by slowing down your speed. Keep in mind that timing is everything.

drive slow at the corners
Redout gameplay (34BigThings srl)

Upgrade your ship

This is very much needed because even the AI upgrade their ship. So, you will have to upgrade and make your ship even better so that you can win the races easily. Remember, the AI in Redout is not weak. They are very strong and you can easily lose races against them. So, keep everything upgraded.

Replay old events

Yes, you can do it. If you want to get more XP to upgrade or progress further in the game, you can just go back to the events that you have already completed. This will help you to earn more XP. In addition to this, you can improve your stats because if there is an event that you could not finish in the top 3, replaying it and winning will improve your stats. 

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Use Turbo boost powerups

We have already told you the importance of the powerups in Redout. However, the turbo boost powerup is one of the best powerups you will find in the game. All you need to do is quip this powerup and use it when you see a straight path in front of you. This is because you can use it fully in a straight path, as if there are turns, then you will eventually crash.

Use the boost powerup
Use the boost powerup (34BigThings srl)

Lunare ships

Lunare ships are one of the best if you are a beginner. This ship has great handling, and it can guide you to at least learn about racing in Redout without having any trouble. It might be possible that you will not win many races with the lunare ships. However, you can learn the maps and see how you can race effectively against the opponents with the help of Lunare ships.

Do not worry about winning

To proceed in the game, you do not need to place first. Leveling up unlocks new events, thus you don’t have to place in the top three to progress because you get XP just by finishing the race.

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