Are you a Close Encounters fan? Then you are at the right place as we have the Fortnite Close Encounters Mode Guide for the latest patch.

Following the release of Heavy Shotguns to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the Close Encounter limited-time game mode with a set armament of Shotguns and a Jetpack is now available. The reintroduction of the Close Encounter game mode brings a slew of new challenges and missions for the LTM.

Close Encounters Bonus Goals is a new tab that players may have discovered when hanging out in the lobby. Close Encounters, a limited-time game mode, contains a collection of tasks that can only be performed in this tab (LTM).

While the game mode itself is self-explanatory and the tasks are straightforward, figuring out how to get started with this game mode might be more difficult than it appears. Below we have the Fortnite Close Encounters Mode Guide with all the necessary details.

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Fortnite Close Encounters Mode Guide: How to access it?

However, because the missions are active, the game mode should be available soon. Players will be able to test out the new game mode via the Discover tab on the Main Menu once it is available. On the Discover Tab, select Close Encounters and then Play to begin the game mode queue. Close Encounters will feature a lot of close-quarters fighting, as the title indicates.

The safe zone starts shrinking much sooner and at a higher rate than in prior incarnations of the game mode, which included the standard Fortnite map. In the game mode, players could only utilize shotguns and jetpacks, and the most recent version of the game mode is expected to have the same limitations. Players will have less time to loot with a quicker circle, so they’ll have to focus more on winning battles to make it to the final game.

Fortnite Close Encounters Mode Guide: Quests

Fortnite Close Encounters Mode Guide
Quests (Image credit: YouTube)

Fortnite users awoke to a fresh patch, which included a new set of challenges as well as the reintroduction of Close Encounters as a game mode.

Close Encounters, on the other hand, isn’t new to Fortnite. The game mode was first presented in 2018 and has been reintroduced on a regular basis since then. Close Encounters is the ideal game style for those who like shorter bouts. Players may only pick up shotguns as the safe zone shrinks, making it impossible to avoid close-range combat.

While players will have plenty of tasks to complete throughout the season to max out their battle passes, completing limited-time challenges like the ones listed below may frequently help unlock even more content. All the Close Encounters challenges and objectives are below.

  • Get 18,000 XP by completing three Close Encounters Quests
  • Close Encounters: Eliminate two opponents within 30 seconds of each other to gain 12,000 XP
  • In Close Encounters, get an elimination with 10 or fewer players left and you’ll get 14,000 XP.
  • Get 10,000 XP by dealing damage from above in Close Encounters

Additional Tip

Close Encounters challenges are rather straightforward, and even if players aren’t paying attention, they should be able to finish them all in a few rounds. Queuing with a buddy will help you to finish more tasks in a single match since they will be able to keep an eye on you.

If you don’t like shotguns, it can be simpler to play defense in build fights and attack when your opponent makes a mistake.

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