Want to know how to get and use the Lost Ark Token of Protection? Our guide will give you all the important details about it.

The Chaos Line is a feature in Lost Ark. It’s a weekly Dungeon, and players will require a token of protection to enter. This is the most crucial component, as, without it, players would be unable to access the dungeon. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to obtain the Lost Ark Token of Protection; this guide will assist you. 

The procedure is not difficult, although it is a little complicated. The game does not provide you with clear instructions on how to access the Chaos Line dungeon. This is why many players have trouble getting into the game and obtaining the Lost Ark Token of Protection. To find out more, see our guide below.

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How to get the Lost Ark Token of Protection?

As we said above, a token of protection is needed to access the Chaos Line dungeon on South Vern. For this dungeon, you will need only one token. However, just one token is making players frustrated because it is not easy to find it. 

You will find the token of protection through the Roster Quest, “I Must Protect”. The best part is that you can get two tokens of protection here for free. All you need to do is collect it from an NPC called Professor Farhat. Keep in mind that you will need to unlock Farhat’s services before you unlock the Roster Quest.

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The tiring part is that you will need to complete all the content of South Vern that is newly added. This includes the main story questline that is before traveling to Vern Castle. Spean to Magick Scholar Jeneca at the Military District in Vern Castle. This will trigger the “I Must Protect” Roster Quest. Go to the west of the Chaos Line Dungeon entrance to speak with Professor Farhat. After having a conversation with this NPC, you will get the Token of protection.

Lost Ark Gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

How to use Lost Ark Token of Protection

Now once you spoke to Professor Farhat and receive your two free Tokens of Protection weekly, you can use one as an entry into the Chaos Line Dungeon for the “I Must Protect” Roster Quest. Keep in mind that you can complete the Chaos Line Dungeon once a week. The Item Level requirement before entering the Chaos Line Dungeon should be 1370. In addition to that, you should have a combat level of 50 or higher.

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Keep in mind the Roster Quest’s objectives and use Token of Protection to enter the dungeon. To complete the Roster Quest, you must obtain the Soundstone while defeating all enemies. You will receive Mission XP as a reward for finishing the Roster Quest. The Fragmented Bloodmagick stone is obtained by completing the weekly chaos line dungeon. Professor Farhat can trade it for other rewards if you wish.

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