We have brought you a guide to the best guns in Fortnite Ranked for this month. If your skills are good enough, then you will rock with these guns.

Epic Games released Fortnite, a large multiplayer shooting game, in 2017. Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative are the three game modes. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC users may play Battle Royale and Creative. The Save the World game option is only available on PC and Console platforms. 

Every season, let alone a new chapter, a long-running battle royale game like Fortnite generates a new meta. Epic Games has fully revamped the game, as seen by the brand-new weapon and item pool. Below you will find some of the best Guns in Fortnite Ranked that you should use. It will surely help you to win the battle.

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Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked: Striker Pump Shotgun

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked
Image credit: Fortnite Wiki

It is, in all important respects, very similar to previous chapters’ shotguns. Slow-firing shotguns can harm both the head and body fairly well, depending on the pellet spread. This new chapter has nerfed shotguns in general.

The striker pump shotgun does have a sleek design, and many quick-build players will enjoy using this weapon since it can often decide whether the battle will be won or lost. Five shells can be held in this shotgun’s full capacity.

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked: Stinger SMG

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked
Image credit: Fortnite Wiki

The new stinger SMG appears to be destined to become the new close-range meta weapon. In the last chapter, SMGs were often overshadowed by the various shotguns, however, this new version of the stinger is a true monster.

A basic shot will usually do around twenty damage, but since it fires rapidly, it can completely devastate both enemies and their builds in a hurry. The presence of this weapon will be more common than traditional shotguns early on in chapter 3.

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked: MK-Seven Assault Rifle

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked
Image credit: Fortnite Wiki

An assault rifle, the MK-Seven Assault Rifle is a fast-firing, fully automatic weapon. A unique aspect of this game is that when you aim, you see the weapon’s Red Dot Sight instead of slightly zooming and remaining in the third person. 

The gun’s recoil must also be controlled to ensure greater accuracy. The MK-Seven Assault Rifles deal between 20 and 24 points of damage per shot (180 – 216 points of damage per second). Assault rifles such as the MK-Seven have a headshot multiplier of 1.5x.

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Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked: Auto Shotgun

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked
Image credit: Fortnite Wiki

Epic Games has introduced a fresh new auto shotgun to the chapter to balance off the slower striker pump shotgun. While not as powerful as the drum shotgun from previous seasons, this new auto shotgun may nonetheless pack a punch if all of your bullets are hit. While the total damage is less than the striker shotgun, the fact that it can contain eight rounds at full capacity means you can stay close to your target in a close-range or build combat.

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked: Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper

Image credit: Fortnite Wiki

Sniper rifles went in and out of the weapon pool so frequently in Chapter 2, thus the fact that there is now a new one in Chapter 3 is very astonishing. This bolt-action sniper rifle is quite similar to previous sniper rifles, yet it has a significant edge. Despite being bolt-action, this sniper has three bullets per clip.

If you hit an adversary with a good headshot, you may quickly take them down with body damage that is often less than a hundred. Furthermore, this sniper rifle is available in a wide range of variations, from common to legendary. They’re also regularly found in treasure boxes.

Best Guns in Fortnite Ranked: Ranger Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle
Image credit: Fortnite Wiki

Players should not believe that just because MK Seven exists, the Ranger Assault Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is bad. It has a 144 DPS rating, which is standard for an Assault Rifle.

However, Epic Games has improved the accuracy of the Ranger Assault Rifle in recent patches, and players should not hesitate to use it. At longer ranges, the Ranger Assault Rifle outperforms the MK Seven AR, and it may be the season’s most underappreciated weapon.

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