Do you want to know the best Salt and Sacrifice classes? We have listed them down below for you. Read and decide the best one for you.

Classes have always played an important role in RPG games. Deciding the best class builds up lots of trouble and confusion for the players. Salt and Sacrifice to have classes that players can choose from. There are around eight classes in the game. 

However, deciding on the best Salt and Sacrifice classes can be difficult. It actually depends on how you want to play the game or how your playstyle is. But if none of these things matter to you then you can read our guide below which will tell you about the best Salt and Sacrifice classes.

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Salt and Sacrifice classes

First, let us tell you about the classes in Salt and Sacrifice. After that, we will tell you about the best classes that we feel.


If you want to play in a close combat style then you can go with the Assassin class because they are very fast and can deal high damage. The assassins are meant to deal good damage by surprising the enemies with their speed, so if you are a player who wants some speed in close combat, the assassin is a great choice.


Clerics are the best option when it comes to healing. You can heal yourself, and it has a balanced stat in all the areas that make it decent for any job. 

Cleric in Salt and Sacrifice (YouTube)


The highblade weapons are great when you use them as the DPS. If you level up then the highblades are very strong and powerful.


The paladin is a class that you can see in lots of RPG games. They are very popular and can wield heavy armors and weapons together. These can give you a high damage bonus and will also absorb the high damage given by the opponent.

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Sages are one of the best classes in many RPG games because they have the magic ability. They can deal with magic attacks and building or leveling up them will make them more powerful. 

Sage in Salt and Sacrifice (YouTube)


The duelist just focuses on dealing damage. It is all about damage for this class. If you want to ignore everything and just want to deal as much damage as possible, then duelist is a good choice.


A fighter is someone who has the ability to attack and defend. You can choose from a variety of armors and weaponry for the combatants. If you enjoy weapons and prefer to use them, the fighter class is for you.


The name itself tells about this class. It is totally opposite to the assassins. Here, if you do not want close combat, you can choose a ranger so that you can attack from a distance and avoid the enemy who is trying to get close.

Ranger class in Salt and Sacrifice
Ranger in Salt and Sacrifice (YouTube)
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Best Salt and Sacrifice Classes

Now that you know about all the Salt and Sacrifice classes, you can decide according to your playstyle. For us, the best classes are Paladin, Cleric, and Sage.

Paladin class in Salt and Sacrifice
Paladin in Salt and Sacrifice (YouTube)
  • The shield of a Paladin blocks 95% of physical damage and has high elemental resistance. The sword boasts one of the finest combo strings and one of the quickest attack speeds in the game. The Vanguard weapon of the Paladin has a Runic Art that increases damage by 20% for around 10 seconds.
  • The cleric has the ability to heal themselves. This is the best ability because in RPG games, you will continuously need to heal yourself, and if you can do it on your own then what can be better than that? If you want to heal yourself then we recommend that a cleric is the best choice.
  • Sage is always fun and powerful. With the magic attacks, you can deal some high and affective damage to the opponents. The Sage has the magic ability, so it is different from the remaining classes. 

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